Evelyn Lozada & Jackie Christie Have a Messy Exchange Over Malaysia Pargo

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Malaysia Pargo’s exit from BBWLA came while she was receiving the outcast treatment.

Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie has been vocal regarding her disappointment about Malaysia Pargo leaving the show during the previous season.  As we reported, Malaysia didn’t have a lot of friends during Season 10. Brandi Maxiell came back. However, she had written Malaysia off as a bad friend prior to her return. She took issue with Malaysia not reaching out to her about her father’s death. However, Malaysia said she didn’t know Brandi’s father died. So it wasn’t a situation where she did something hurtful intentionally to hurt Brandi. Regardless, Brandi didn’t believe this. And most of the other ladies didn’t either so they sided with Brandi. DJ Duffey and Jackie Christie were the only two who continued to hang out with Malaysia before she decided to leave.

Jennifer Williams decided she didn’t like Malaysia because of Zell Swag. In the past, Zell has made petty remarks to Jennifer because she and Malaysia were not on good terms. The “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” star is close friends with Malaysia. So Jennifer came to the conclusion that Malaysia told Zell to come for her. This is something Malaysia has denied. Regardless, Jennifer got revenge on Malaysia by accusing her of losing her Atlanta house via foreclosure.

After Jennifer made the claim, Malaysia met with Jackie and Duffey to tell them she made a tough decision. It was time for her to walk away so she could put her mental health first. She was already stressed out about her co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband Jannero Pargo. Malaysia alleged he wasn’t doing his part financially. So she was considering taking him to court to face off over child support.

Evelyn Lozada put Jackie Christie on blast.

On the current season, fans have seen the return of Evelyn Lozada. So some have been thinking that it’s possible that Malaysia could come back soon as well.

Hours ago, Jackie took to X to tell fans to help her get Malaysia back on the show. Jennifer responded with a vomit emoji. Interestingly enough, Evelyn responded, too. And she accused Jackie of having a different take behind the scenes. This didn’t sit well with Jackie either. Check out the exchange below.


  1. Everyone on this show is not real to each other always saying hateful stuff to each other I don’t care who come back

    1. Malaysia should stay away from that ghetto a-s show. I was so proud of her when she walked away from that tv show.

  2. Evelyn might be a fan favorite but It’s time for these women to stop belittling and downgrading others. They claim to represent positivity and charity but they portray otherwise….
    Malaya Sis should return as the strong black woman that she is.And Shut the Mouths of the Naysayers…..

  3. This is because Evelyn has always bullied someone, she’s definitely a troublemaker. She don’t like anyone but that fake a-s Shaunie

    1. You hit this on the head. Shaunie gives 2 fukks about any of them for real. Let the church say Amen🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
      FAFL=Fake Ass First Lady

  4. These women need to stop with all that bullsh-t. Jackie needs to focus on loving her daughter and monitoring Doug and her meds. Stop being exploited ladies….these networks/producers don’t care about you. HBIC=Heffas Being Ignorant Constantly 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. I don’t even watch it NO MO much drama and Shaunie needs to cancel the show they r to Messy to be GROWN WOMEN it’s boring to me cause all the do is talk about what somebody did yrs ago instead of holding women up.

    1. Shaunie is a undercover trouble maker an got the never to be married to a Minister she an Evelyn are sooo messy its ashame how ther old as are acting

  6. Evelyn you & Jennifer can both kick rocks ! You’re loud & a Big Azz Bully We can all see how Fake you both are & you would be correct if you said just don’t watch ! I don’t previews show just who you are , like to meet great Angela Milo said when they show you who they are believe them !

  7. I agree Shaunie brought Evelyn back for the drama, as a Pastor’s wife not a good look at all, she isn’t first Lady material, first Lady puts God first and God is not the Arthur of confusion. Get in your Bible, and leave th8s soap opera alone, He that Wins souls must be wise.

  8. True they are to grown to act like that and shaunie you are a pastor wife now how can you lead young women in the church and you acting like a devil Monday- Saturday.

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