Ashley Darby Tearfully Admits Attachment to Michael Darby is the Result of Childhood Trauma

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Ashley Darby’s marriage to Michael Darby had controversial moments.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby made headlines when it was confirmed she was ending her marriage. Fans of the show know Ashley’s time with Michael Darby was full of ups and downs. A noticeable dark time in their relationship was when they attempted to run an Australian restaurant together. During one scene outside of Oz, Ashley and Michael got into a huge argument over the venture. But things really took a turn when Michael became unfaithful. Ashley told the other RHOP ladies that she decided to fight for their marriage. But she would leave Michael if he ever cheated on her again.

Since Michael and Ashley have ended their marriage, it’s been hard for the “Real Housewives of Potomac” cast and fans to keep up with the status of the divorce. On the upcoming episode, Mia Thornton invites Ashley over to catch up. Mia tells Ashley that she had a conversation with Gordon Thornton recently about the divorce. And Gordon said he didn’t think Ashley would leave Michael because being a sugar baby has great perks.

“So let me back up a little bit because Gordon and I went to lunch. Speaking from an older man, right? He said we probably wouldn’t end up divorced together. That we would come up with some type of clear it up for me.”

Ashley Darby’s childhood trauma made her latch on to Michael Darby.

Ashley responds, “It’s more so the security that comes with being with him. When I was younger, my mom and I were evicted twice from our house. So I’ve sat on the side of the street with my belongings multiple times. It is fear when Gizelle said it’s operating in fear, yes, I am scared of what it could look like if I don’t…if I’m not able to meet the mortgage. You know, just like…”

Mia finishes Ashley’s sentence, “…’cause you don’t want to be on the corner with your babies.”

Ashley is emotional in her green screen interview, “My mom was a single parent and there were a lot of times that even though we had help from my family, my mom just couldn’t make ends meet. I was in the second grade and my grandmother picked me up from school. And she took me to where our stuff was on the side of the road. Watching my mom on the side of the road with all of her stuff, I think about my own kids and how I would feel if for some reason I was in that position, it breaks my heart.”

Back to her conversation with Mia, Mia asks Ashley if she’ll ever make the divorce final. And Ashley confirms she wants it to be official by the end of the year.

“I will probably by the end of the year. My goal is by the end of the year.”


  1. This is honestly one of the reasons why I believe Ashley is jealous of Candiace. Candiace grew up with money and had a mother show her what it’s like to be a boss. That rubbed off on Candiace, so she was already a successful entrepreneur before she met Chris. And if things don’t work out with Chris, Candiace will have her generational wealth and multiple income streams to stay afloat. When Ashley told Candiace she was the least accomplished housewife, she projected that day.

  2. Maybe (since he’s an old millionaire) instead of exposing ur weaknesses, in writing just ask for child support and house paid for in ur name? You can always rent it out or downgrade, so keeping up with the joneses won’t break you? Don’t forget to get something from his will, then move on sis?

  3. I’ve always said Ashley acts like she has PTSD because she is operating in survival mode. But a different lesson she could have taken from her mother was the importance of a woman learning how to make her own money. That way she would never have to put up with any man.

  4. Okay ladies and gentlemen, not saying this is true, but Ashley brought a house with a $13,000 monthly mortgage payment and has a net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth, estimated at $5 million. How many of you have $5 million right now? I know I don’t. She’s up there crying about going broke, chile please. Why didn’t she buy a house with a mortgage payment she could afford? I’m so sick of the excuses she is giving and she just need to stop it. There are so many young ladies and men raising children making far less and are not crying about being afraid of going broke. If she is that fearful, get a real job so she can have her own income. SMH I can’t with her.

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