Jackie Christie Pushes for Malaysia Pargo’s BBWLA Return + Jennifer Williams is Against It

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Malaysia Pargo left BBWLA to focus on her mental health.

Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo decided to walk away from the show during her last season. At the time, she wasn’t in the best place with multiple cast members. Brandi Maxiell had complaints about Malaysia’s track record as a friend. She also took issue with Malaysia not reaching out to her after her father passed away. However, Malaysia said she had no idea he passed. Regardless, Brandi didn’t find this to be believable. So her tension with Malaysia only worsened when they talked about this on camera. They nearly came to blows and Malaysia concluded she was better off not being friends with Brandi.

Brandi and Malaysia’s feud trickled into Malaysia’s relationships with the other women. She became somewhat of an outcast. In fact, she was only filming scenes with Jackie Christie and DJ Duffey at a certain point. Interestingly enough, Malaysia also had a nasty fallout with Jennifer Williams. As we reported, Malaysia was bringing Zell Swag around. Since he came for Jennifer, she was convinced Malaysia told him to. So Jennifer got even by telling all the others that Malaysia allegedly lost her Atlanta home to foreclosure.

Malaysia wasn’t feeling how things were going. So she told Jackie and Duffey she was leaving the show. It was important for her to exit so she could focus on her mental health. At the time, she was having some co-parenting issues with her ex-husband. She alleged he wasn’t helping her out financially when it came to their children. So Malaysia was considering taking him to court for child support.

Malaysia Pargo’s possible return to BBWLA is not supported by Jennifer Williams.

Jennifer was not sad to see Malaysia leave. In fact, she stood by her actions. She went on to accuse Malaysia of running away because she couldn’t handle being in the hot seat. So she had no sympathy for Malaysia. And she didn’t care about some of the backlash she received for this stance on social media.

Well, it’s possible Malaysia may return to the show sooner than later. Hours ago, Jackie said she was trying to talk Malaysia into coming back. This comes as Evelyn Lozada has returned for the current season.

Jackie wrote, “♠️ Everybody help me go get my Babes @MalaysiaPargo back!!! Pronto! ♥️🥂  #Basketballwives #BBWLA #BasketballWivesLA.”

In response, Jennifer confirmed she doesn’t support this idea. She said, “For what??? 🤮”


  1. I personally don’t have a problem with Malaysia returning to the show. Only if she’s ready and wants to return should she come back

  2. Jennifer don’t control nothing…. Malaysia left on her own….I’m sure she can and I hope she WILL return….. Jennifer can go…. AGAIN and stay gone

    1. Exactly Jennifer ain’t making no show at all she can go on with her dense and wanna be boogie Ass cause who cares what she don’t want they need to exit her and Malaysia come on back


  4. Get rid of Jennifer she had a lot of issues going on with her. Get RID of Jennifer, she is lucky she found a man but for how long we have to wait and see. Jennifer got problems with Jackie

  5. Jennifer is a hater!!! I love Malaysia let’s remember Jennifer still scared after Malaysia thew that dam table at her a-s for telling lies a talking bout Evelyn!!! But yesss bring my girl Malaysia back????

    1. This show is dead on arrival. I thought Evilyn said she was never coming
      back. She needs the money like the rest of the cast. Shaun I’d should be ashamed
      of herself as 1st Lady of a Church around all that cussing and foolishness. That
      definitely is not a good look at all but she’s so far up Evilyn arse, she can tell you
      the scent of it. I know the Church folks won’t like that at all. This show should’ve
      stayed DEAD.

  6. Me personally I would love for Malaysia to come back she a real sweetheart Jennifer on the other needs to go she a follower and I don’t care for her or storyline🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Get rid of Jennifer and Brooke and Evilyn, too much drama already, nothing but drama, or shut the entire show down, BORING

  8. Jennifer has gotten to h8gh on herself . evidently, she forgot where she came from and she needs to come on down and look where God brought her from. Maylasia is in a place that she needs love and encouragement
    We all has been here before and we might get that way again
    Maylasia don’t let Jennifer talk you down you’re just as better her and you’re a diamond.

  9. I hope maylasia come back get rid of Jennifer ugly ass she just a hater u know maylasia not gone play with your ass she is a sweet person Jennifer just mad cause she don’t talk bout her personal life that’s why that man threw that drink in her face 😂😂😂😂😂

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