Nneka Ihim Says RHOP Cast Mended Fences During Reunion Taping

Photo Credit: Bravo

RHOP fans feel like the cast has become too divided.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans have complained that the cast is too divided during the current season. Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant are done with Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Wendy Osefo. Wendy and Candiace are just fine with this, not begging for their friendships. Wendy also isn’t in a good place with newbie Nneka Ihim. Nneka has accused Wendy’s mother of being a witch who submitted her name to a shrine. As we reported, this really rubbed Wendy the wrong way. During an interview, Wendy said Nneka was shamelessly leaning into xenophobia to be petty. She suspected Nneka’s only point of being on the show was to attack her.

Ashley Darby and Candiace weren’t on good terms thanks to Michael Darby suing Candiace for defamation (the suit was eventually dismissed).

RHOP fans have complained that the chemistry of the cast is off. So they no longer enjoy watching the show.

Karen Huger said she wanted to bring the group back together. However, Gizelle wasn’t exactly buying Karen’s claims of wanting unity. In fact, she and Mia think Karen becomes a mean girl when she’s around Candiace and Wendy. However, Wendy and Candiace weren’t buying this theory. And they said Mia and the others just don’t like that Karen holds them accountable.

Nneka Ihim opened up about the reunion.

Ratings have shown fans aren’t thrilled by Season 8. Interestingly enough, Nneka recently discussed how things went when the cast filmed the reunion. And she said fans will see the cast make some progress in mending relationships.

During an interview with FOX 5 DC, Nneka said, “I think the reunion experience is a lot different than what you guys see on TV. And it really is about hashing out issues and finding a path forward.”

She continued, “And there’s been a lot of fractures in the group, so me coming in a group that’s been very fractured is hard in terms of building relationships. But I think we made some really big progress in the group. And I think the viewers would be happy to see that there is gonna be some reconciliation I hope.”


  1. Notice she said SOME progress i am sure that does not include The Green Eyed Duo….that will happened when HELL FREEZES OVER sadley to say…..if they can’t try to dissolve issues for the sake of the show let their a**** GO!!!!!!!

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