Michael Darby Sues Candiace Dillard Bassett over Recent Comments Made on RHOP

Photo Credit: Bravo

Candiace Dillard Bassett and Ashley Darby have a long history of clashing.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett has a very interesting history with Ashley Darby. Candiace was introduced on the show as Ashley’s friend. Ashley said that she and Candiace met through the pageant scene. Interestingly enough, they fell out by reunion time. At the height of their drama, Ashley supported Monique Samuels‘ bid to stay out of jail for assaulting Candiace. Ashley did so by writing a statement that was in favor of Monique. When Candiace asked Ashley why she would get involved when she wasn’t there to witness the altercation, Ashley said she didn’t want Monique to go to jail.

Despite a rocky past, they attempted to try again at a friendship after Candiace defended Ashley at the reunion. At the time, she felt like Nicki Minaj’s criticism of Ashley was a bit unfair. Ashley really appreciated this. She took to social media to praise Candiace and she said they have a beautiful and complicated relationship.

On the current season, RHOP fans were surprised to find out that Ashley and Candiace actually filmed a scene together in Candiace’s home. They discussed Ashley’s decision to file for divorce. Ashley told Candiace that she just thinks becoming a mother made her uncomfortable with doing things with Michael she agreed to before they had children. In particular, she no longer wants a guest in their bedroom.

Candiace was elated to find out Ashley was moving on from the marriage. In the past, she said that she thought that Ashley being married to Michael kept them from being able to make any progress. Candiace and Michael have clashed for years now, too. They even had explosive moments in front of the cameras.

Michael Darby isn’t happy about the accusations Candiace Dillard Bassett made.

Ashley and Candiace’s moment of peace and friendship didn’t last long. This is due to the fact that Ashley later alleged that Chris Bassett tried to hit on one of her friends at Karen Huger’s event. Chris has vehemently denied this. Footage from the show has also not been able to back up any of the accusations made about Chris.

Candiace clapped back by making accusations about Michael. She alleged that he paid someone she knows for certain services, “Your husband likes to leave you and go to a man named *********’s house and suck his ****.”

Bravo edited the person’s name out.

Apparently, the accusations made didn’t sit well with Michael. According to TMZ, he hit Candiace with a cease and desist when he learned of the scene. But he’s alleging that Candiace never retracted her statements, which he claims are false. And now he’s suing her for $2 million in damages.


  1. Unpopular Opinion: It’s about time. Candice is REALLY reckless with her words and she needs to learn there are consequences to her actions FOR REAL. I know this season because she was going after Gizelle and Robyn it may SEEM warrented but I was really disappointed in her “dwindling uterus” comment. She could have said ANYTHING else but there are too many women with fertility issues to throw that kind of insult around so carelessly.

    1. I totally agree, the dwindling uterus was a terrible statement to make. Candice needs to be taught a lesson about her gutter mouth. She just is very nasty in her comments. I am not a violent woman but Candiace sure would make it harfld for my flesh not to take over!

      1. In TOTAL agreement….Andy should have put a stop to her and that “dwindling uterus “ comment…but it’s about ratings….
        Candice doesn’t stop to think how her comments and statements could somebody other than Giselle… she should remember she is trying to start a family and God don’t like UGLY…IJS

        1. Absolutely right . How are you going to make such a nasty comment but yet want to start a family of your own. Besides that it was so evil she truly has a nasty mouth she’s evil as h-ll . Should someone like this even be a mother .

          1. I’m not offended by what Candiace said and I had a total hysterectomy. Gizelle is evil too. It’s amazing how we can see things differently. If you come low for my husband, I am not Michelle Obama, I’m coming low too. Gizelle has children and would probably not have wanted to have any more children. So, how offensive can that be? I don’t have children as a result of a hysterectomy. So, I’m team Chris and Candiace all day long on this one.

            I agree to disagree with my opinion.

    2. So it was OK when he grabbed one of productions a-s right?? Or when they heard him say he would suck Juan’s p-nis?? She hasn’t said anything that no one else has been saying. But I guess that doesn’t matter because SHE said it. And as far as that comment about gazelle lying a-s she deserves everything that’s coming to her because she messy af too.

      1. At a certain point you have to be able to separate your disdain for a stranger from the actual issue. REGARDLESS of what Michael said about HIMSELF he sent her a cease and desist and she ignored it. Even Porsha had enough sense not to talk about something after being served legal paperwork. And as far as your hatred for Gizelle goes, how do you think you are any better than her if you are willing to ignore the hurt that Candice’s comment might have caused other women with uterine issues. Some things you just DON’T turn in a insult ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to prove yourself to be more “morally sound” than someone else. It’s so sad to me that people think that the way to combat “bad behavior” is to be “badder”. If you’re going to show someone is lacking morals you can’t lower yours in the process and then act like you any better than them.

        1. Candice coming for Gizzy uterus and she has to go through IVF is crazy. Gizzy had her family and raised hers. Candice better hope she can do the same Ijs

        2. I agree 100 percent with everything you said. Candiace and Wendy (at times) think making fun of people’s looks and always being insulting is cute. Maybe to the younger generation. However, their reaction makes them no better than the person they are trying to insult. And Ashley has also hit below the belt as well.

    3. Her comments to Giselle were uncalled for and inappropriate. She is having trouble with her Uterus so makes no sense.

    4. WOW! SPOT ON! Candy-*** has been the biggest b***h ever. Her words to the other women and her disgusting behavior in the Reunions and “Confessionals” are so absolutely disrespectful to any woman, black, brown, white, etc. She is so disgusting! And now she’s bringing this whole “colorism” thing out. So, now black people are that racist against OTHER black people! Seriously?

      1. Mana,

        I don’t know you but I have to make a clarification. I’m 62 years old and colorism existed way before me. I don’t know your nationality but I would make a suggestion about googling Black History. Colorism is not a new word and we/me being a woman of color will continue to voice/write that it still exists. Black people have been put against each other since slavery. HISTORY!

    5. I totally agree that was so uncalled for . I think there should be consequences behind that. For one why would you say that then start crying and telling people how many embryos you have . I thought that was disgusting and to say that knowing you are trying to conceive you probably want to start praying because God see and hear all . Just like Ashley had to bite her tongue about her comment made to you . You will as well . Oh and I do not even care for Giselle and her antics but right is right and Candice was wrong for this comment.

      1. Msarrogant,

        If you said publicly on national tv over and over and then laughed when Ashley’s friend lied and said Chris was flirting with her and Wendy’s husband was smiling at her, I would hit you below the belt too.

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! You say hurtful things to me but I’m supposed to think about how not to hurt your feelings when responding. No! You get what you give!

        Gizelle deserved that and like Candiace said Gizelle could have made the focus her uterus problem which to me is not a big problem because I’ve had a total hysterectomy at the age of 32 without ever being able to have children. But, Gizelle could have shared with women who watches that this can happen to you.


        1. I’m sorry I’m not the biggest fan of Candiace however I agree with her. Her attacks are justified as some of ladies are diabolical. People are too sensitive. It’s a show for entertainment. But Gizelle is vile! Robyn is a bully, Ashley is creepy when she thinks she’s entitled to know about peoples lives and relishes in it. Wendy needs to stop looking down on people but I like her. Mia is a train crash lie after lie, what she did to Wendy was disgusting. Monique was awesome she made mistakes but she was a good person. Karen is the queen of Potomac and no one can touch her. She’s a star ! Charisse is a loser and just needs to go!

    6. You’re absolutely right especially when she is now starting her own fertility journey she has no idea when& how long that could take her. Gizelle has 3 beautiful daughters already I’m sure she is at the age and place where she isn’t looking to start over like that again.

    7. I agree Candumb do those things because Bravo and Andy think it’s cute these reality shows are damaging families and it needs to stop Candumb words and actions are dangerous and reckless,it’s so many women can’t have kids and you sit here and make that comment about her uterus but here are freezing eggs and hoping one of them take Chris too scared to tell her they don’t need kids she mentally unstable and that’s not fair to any child Thank You Michael for standing up to this tv bullie

      1. Special K, I 1,000% disagree with you. I wouldn’t thank Michael Darby’s predator behind for anything. Candiace probably would have never shared anything like that if Michael Darby hadn’t developed the pattern on the show of what female parts are sacred or not.
        Also, I had a total hysterectomy at the age of 32 while never having children. This was something that I desired. I am not offended by what Candiace said. Gizelle has children and I’m more offended by her actions. Good Riddance to Michael Darby and Gizelle Bryant.
        No, no, no! Finally, Candiace is not the only bully. They all are!

      2. I hear what you’re saying but the same thing can be said about Giselle’s comments too. Everyone is on here bashing Candiace for her dangerous and reckless comments but Giselle’s comments have been just as dangerous and reckless if not more. Her comments about Chris being a sneaky link……wanting to get with her….to see if maybe she would be down with it, etc. She was up there tarnishing and attacking this man’s character saying all these horrible things as well. Her words were very damaging. He had to answer to his job, his clients, his family and kids. Also Ashely’s “sesame street” friend making up all those allegations as well, slandering this man, talking about how he was groping another friend and the camera shows none of these things actually happened. Shouldn’t they be sued as well? Shouldn’t they face consequences too? Everyone has been brushing the comments Giselle and Ashley’s friend made under the rug but instead coming at Candice for what she said to Giselle about her uterus. When is it ok to slander and damage a person’s character? Why wasnt that addressed more. Giselle has said a lot of outrageous things past and present. Candiace just knows how to give it back. Personally I think falsely attacking a person’s character is way more dangerous and hurtful than speaking about someone’s dwindling uterus and this is coming from a woman who was faced with almost having a hysterectomy for health reasons before being ever able to have kids. I’m sorry but my good name means more to me than my dwindling uterus.

        1. EM,
          Thank you & Well Said!
          I think some people are choosing personality over principles. What Gizelle & Asley did in my opinion is much worst than Candiace comment.

          First of all, I don’t think Gizelle is trying to have any more children. So, her uterus is dwindling.

          I had a total hysterectomy without ever having children. I was not offended. Candiace is quick & witty. Just like Kenya, Porsha, Marlo, Phaedra, NeeNee!
          Different show, different people, same kind of stories. You go low and all of the above women can/some still will go low with you.

          So, Candiace was defending her family. I probably would have reacted the same.

          You can’t throw a rock at someone and then expect them to throw a balloon back.

          IJS! Thanks for your take on this sad situation.

    8. Apparently she’s the one with the dwindling uterus…she’s taking injections to have a baby….Gizelle has 3 kids so apparently her uterus was working just fine.

      1. Wow, T!

        Does that make you any different than Candiace?

        No! We all have to be careful without our words because once you say them, you can not take them back. And, as they say (Old Folk). I may forget what you said or wrote but I will never forget how you made me feel.

        If you disagree, that’s one thing but to wish the same or even worst on someone is putting your name on the Karma list.


  2. Even if it’s true, Candiace gonna learn to tame that trashy mouth. She doesn’t have Michael Darby’s coins so this will cost her a pretty penny to defend herself. This should teach her a lesson.

    1. Right I guess she won’t be “bouncing back” from this one! Ha! Well maybe her mommy will foot the bill for this one too! Spoiled,
      Privileged, foul mouth,
      Gutter snipe!

      1. You both sound ridiculous. Imagine calling Candiace a guttersnipe when you’re on here defending Michael Darby of all people. The colorism in this fan base is obnoxious.

      2. You sound like what you say Candiace sounds like. What’s the difference? Different people, same language!

  3. Damages! Michael Darby old sick behind needs to go away. He’s probably been getting away with abusing women/men and possibly children. Yes, I said it. You have money but you don’t have that much money. The creator sees all that you do. I wouldn’t trust you around my kids especially when you’re drinking. You were probably on that show, To Catch a Predator”. I can be a witness for Candiace & Chris.

    Candiace should file a countersuit for bullying and harassment of her and Chris. I can’t believe Ashley is still trying to defend that sick man.

    He’s sick and so is Ashley for staying in anything he’s connected to. Ashley, your uncle/aunt and mother has tried to tell you how sick that man is and now that he is being exposed, he wants to sue.

    Spend your money, TR_CK! They’ve got plenty of footage on your behind.

    1. I totally agree with Inger Watson….we all heard him say he’s s#ck Juan’s…….the best defense is TRUTH….he don’t want to open THAT can of worms …

  4. This is why I don’t understand why Chris said he won’t sue Gizelle. Gizelle accused him of an actual crime. Michael said he’s suing because Candiace accused him of soliciting a pr-stitute. That’s illegal.

    1. Michael isn’t under contract with Bravo. Chris is unfortunately. That’s why he gets to sue.

      1. To my knowledge, none of the husbands are paid employees. So Chris can sue as well. Bravo doesn’t pay the husbands to show up to reunions, film scenes and green screens. They do all of that for free which is why Juan and Michael not participating isn’t seen as a punishable offense.

        1. I understand they aren’t PAID but that doesn’t mean they aren’t under contract in order to be filmed by Bravo. Michael was not on film at all this season, so he was NOT under any contracts with Bravo. Juan and Chris were on film, which would have required them to sign a contract. Even background has to sign a release. Contracts do not always mean you’re getting financial compensation.

          1. Chris said himself on IG live that there is no contract preventing him from suing Gizelle. He is choosing not to sue. And I think he should revisit that decision now. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    2. My apologies…idk that! Welp! If he can and feels away then more power to him! Lowkey he might need to help Candice out unless she settles with Michael. Although I doubt he would get much.

    3. Sue Gizelle for what????? I don’t think someone saying you made me feel uncomfortable is a crime. If these ladies and husbands start suing over what’s said about them, then the whole cast would stay in courts and they are definitely on the wrong show.

      1. Umm did you miss when Gizelle said Chris groped Ashley’s friend? Sis that is a whole crime. It’s sexual assault ma’am. Why are y’all downplaying Gizelle’s actions so much? It’s weird.

        1. I agree, 1000%.

          That’s why Andy didn’t want to add any feedback to the colorism discussion. Karma is on his heels too.

    1. Doesn’t a lot of housewives have more mouth than most of us can stand?

      NeeNee, Porsha, Marlo, Kenya, Jackie, etc., etc.

      It’s tv, like it’s social media. I could be wrong and I stand to be corrected. If you’re 40 and over, social media was not created for you. Most of us that are over 40 like and we don’t.

      We have to pick and choose what’s tolerable for us.

  5. Leave Gizzele along. She is the only true lady on the show. She need maybe, not ask people about their s-x or try explaining her personal life. I do believe the others could take motic

    1. Please define Lady! Gizelle is not a lady in The Bible, Websters Dictionary, The Streets, Bravo, Bravo con or amongst her cast mates.

      As a matter of fact, she’s classless. She says she’s the best one talkin/walkin. Where were you when your ex-husband, Pastor Bryant was doing you and other women in the church, Ex-First Lady J Bryant?

  6. These girls just say anything true or not. I would sue too maybe she will shut that pie hole. She hate Ashley and Michael

    1. Gizelle doesn’t have fertility problems and neither does Candiace. Gizelle has fibroid tumors and probably endometriosis. Both of which, I had. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to have children. I do not believe that Gizelle was trying to have another child. Candiace is freezing her eggs. That’s, I want to plan my pregnancy.

      All of them go low. So, I don’t care what Candiace says to Gizelle. Gizelle throws rocks and then tries to hide her hands and she doesn’t think before she speaks. Candiace is witty and some people can’t handle her mouth. She’s just like NeeNee Leaks, Marlo Hampton, Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams and Jackie on New Jersey.

      That’s why people watch them. They are quick and witty. What did Kenya say? Don’t come for me unless I send for you. Kandi said, you go low and I go low with you.

      A total hysterectomy doesn’t mean your s_x life is over. Actually, is sometimes better. So, Gizelle was trying to have a feel sorry for me act. I had one and millions of other women too who doesn’t have children. Bye Felicia (Gizelle)!

      1. Inger!
        You said a mouth full…… Your drop the mic moment! Church Lady was looking for sympathy. She is the most vile of them all because she gaslights and then pretends to hold the fire extinguisher.

  7. Why does Candiace get to say such bad things to the other girls and Andy seems to think it’s ok? If Candiace would stop bringing up what Gisselle said about Chris it would go away but she brings it up every chance she gets. The way she talks about other cast member is horrible. She thinks she is so much better than them.

    1. I have to agree, Gizelle went to Candice as a woman should have to speak about how she felt whether it was good intentions or not Candice took things to another level, who are we to say if Chris did or didn’t make her feel uncomfortable if that’s how she felt that how she felt. Just because you are around someone you know doesn’t mean they can’t make you feel uncomfortable. If someone you knows tries to rape you. Is it ok just because you know him?

      1. That’s the whole point. You said it. Because you said you were uncomfortable with him some of the thoughts behind it is predator, rapist etc. You said it on national TV. If I were Chris, I would be filing a lawsuit too.

        I’m team Chris and Candiace all the way to the finish line.

  8. Good! Unpopular opinion, Candace helped created a toxic environment and it all started with Monique. RHUGT had shown a preview of how Giselle all but confirmed how she help with a lie and I am willing to bet it was on Monique and her family. Notwithstanding, how they would go after Karen and her marriage. yet it’s a problem and pull a dog whistle of colorism when accusations are back on them. girl bye! Candace has a filthy mouth and disgusting perspective on how she move. Candace Literally weaponized gay s-x against Michael and if he is it is no one business. I’m surprised the LGBTQ +community didn’t have more outrage how she would speak. Her mouth just influenced more bad behaviors and stereotypes, many of which are getting people unalived because of their hate . Very disturbing and disgusting that many don’t see that. I’m so tired of this whole season and honestly folks can leave. At the end of the day, many just have bad attitudes and behaviors that they deflect on a cor issue. As most have seen with basketball ball wives, Evelyn and shaunie is gone, now Malaysia too! So what’s👏🏾 the 👏🏾problem👏🏽 now👏🏾??? Admit the jealousy and toxicity that is produced with problem characters. I digress though. Candace is very toxic, loves chaos, and is an antagonizing bully who think she should do whatever. Characters like her are just making these shows a joke and unwatchable. #gross

    1. Do you really think Candiace is the only one with this kind of behavior? It exist because we watch it and if I may speak candidly, it was not created for my age group 60 +. But, I watch it because there’s nothing else worth watching and because I do find some of it entertaining. However, they are all messy. If they didn’t start out that way, they end up that way.

  9. Here’s Michael wielding his wealth, power, and privilege again. I hope Candiace is having a good day.

  10. Michael is no longer apart of Potomac. Candace made an allegation about him paying some man for oral s-x and named that person. Candace has used Michael’s named in every argument that she has has with Ashley. Looks like she is going to need new targeted information for her arguments. Michael is saying he is off limits. Always knew that mouth was was going get Candace in trouble again. 🤣 This time Michael and not Monique is going to drag her.

      1. You need to stay anonymous.

        Michael D. has a lot of incriminating evidence against him. Let the alleged person come forth.

        I would take it to trial and countersue Michael D for emotional distress.

        Luckily, Bravo beeped the person’s name.

        Let’s go!

  11. Candace does talk a lot of crap, but not to the extend of her being sued for it. Then again this will make her think twice about opening her mouth, that is something she really likes to do.

  12. Candiace mouth has been problematic since jump. Show producers wouldn’t deal with it, she should be publicly reprimanded, AND , if not suspended be cast as a friend for a season or 2. Perhaps her music career can take over. I haven’t heard any of it get airtime on radio, but perhaps it will come to something. I believe they’re spending a ton of money ( or .amber Mom is) to make that happen. Her potty, petty, mouth could keep that from happening though. She needs to learn restraint and humility.

    1. Yes, Candiace is witty and hits below the belt. However, they all do across the housewives franchise.

      What about NeeNee, Marlo, Porsha, Theresa, Jennifer etc., etc.

      It’s not a Candiace only mouth problem, it’s a housewives franchise problem.

      1. If Mary can’t call out Candiace because she isn’t the only one who hits below the belt with her mouth, then we can’t single Gizelle out for her lies and bad behavior either since she’s not the only real housewife to tell awful lies and plot. And I don’t know about you but I’m going to continue to call Gizelle out on her lies despite how many others do the same. This is why whataboutism isn’t accepted as a valid debate strategy and it’s not an effective way to hold discourse. It never holds up. Let Mary have her different opinion Inger.

        1. I receive you and I acknowledge your point. I’m not trying to take away anyone’s point of view. I’m just writing mine.

          We all have to agree to disagree. Otherwise, Urban Belle can turn off the replies.

          So, we don’t have the power to let or not let.

          Trust me, there are some comments and replies that do not get my attention.


  13. I hate that she’s being sued but I felt like he was going to do this. Accusing someone of paying for a pr-stitute is illegal. He was going to respond. This season has been full of lies and unsubstantiated rumors. All of them are guilty in that department as well. I hope the entire cast learns from this and they don’t pull this mess again next season. I also hope Candiace hires a very good attorney. Michael does not play fair. Look how he did Ashley.

  14. Okay, There are an lot of comments going hard on Candice. For one, Candice reacts to an person according to the situation. And yes she would give you what your coming for. Candice would read you and hurt your feelings than getting into an altercation with you. I just hope she is telling the truth about this situation, Because there was no need to bring that up. I would have just keep silent on the situation if it was true.

    1. “Okay, There are an lot of comments going hard on Candice. For one, Candice reacts to an person according to the situation. And yes she would give you what your coming for.”

      I disagree strongly. This season Candiace sat with Ashley and said Karen cheats on Ray. How was that warranted? Has Karen ever made this type of accusation about Candiace? No. I think we all need to be honest on here. None of the ladies on RHOP are innocent. Every single one of them deserves criticism this season. And if we can’t say that, we’re not being honest.

      1. Candiace needs to go. I think it’s crazy how people want to call Gizelle a liar when all SHE said was Chris made her uncomfortable which should be totally understandable. I would have been uncomfortable too. First, Chris said Gizelle asked him to go to her room, LIE. Then, he tried to act like she had only her robe on laying on the bed, another lie, so who’s the liar. Candiace is always running her mouth and saying something about someone but can’t take it when it’s directed towards her or her family, then wants to throw a big fit and claim colorism. Come on now. As mad as she got something’s not right.. No one gets that mad over someone saying your husband made me feel uncomfortable. Especially being that they were friends it could have been handled differently. Apologizing doesn’t have to be guilt, it’s just acknowledging the other persons feelings. There were no accusations of anything else and Gizelle even stated that. People want to hate on Gizelle so bad. Candiace made the situation bigger than it had to be for her storyline. The real focus needs to be on WHY in the world is a married man asking a women to go to her room to complain about his wife?? Let’s get to that.

  15. Candiace needs to go. I think it’s crazy how people want to call Gizelle a liar when all SHE said was Chris made her uncomfortable which should be totally understandable. I would have been uncomfortable too. First, Chris said Gizelle asked him to go to her room, LIE. Then, he tried to act like she had only her robe on laying on the bed, another lie, so who’s the liar. Candiace is always running her mouth and saying something about someone but can’t take it when it’s directed towards her or her family, then wants to throw a big fit and claim colorism. Come on now. As mad as she got something’s not right.. No one gets that mad over someone saying your husband made me feel uncomfortable. Especially being that they were friends it could have been handled differently. Apologizing doesn’t have to be guilt, it’s just acknowledging the other persons feelings. There were no accusations of anything else and Gizelle even stated that. People want to hate on Gizelle so bad. Candiace made the situation bigger than it had to be for her storyline. The real focus needs to be on WHY in the world is a married man asking a women to go to her room to complain about his wife?? Let’s get to that.

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