‘Married to Medicine’ Season 11 Cast Confirmed?

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Some Married 2 Med cast members have been receiving backlash.

Married to Medicine” fans have a lot to say about the latest season on social media and they haven’t held back when it comes to giving their honest opinions. As we reported, many fans had strong reactions to the icing out of Quad Webb. They felt like Quad was unfairly treated. However, Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Simone Whitmore disagreed with this perspective. Simone and Heavenly have accused Quad of using them by only coming around when it is time to film. So the cast agreed to confront Quad about this during Toya Bush-Harris‘ trip to Napa Valley. Dr. Jackie Walters said Quad would be told to leave if she didn’t take accountability for her actions. Quad was asked to leave and wasn’t seen again until the season finale and reunion.

Heavenly also said she convinced Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford to join the cast for laughs. She told Carlos King she wanted Sweet Tea to come for Quad so she would be embarrassed. However, Sweet Tea ended up clashing with Heavenly instead. Heavenly and Sweet Tea’s relationship soured after Heavenly expressed doubts about Tea and Dr. Gregory Lunceford lasting. At the height of the feud, messy accusations were made.

Phaedra Parks’ debut has also been a controversial topic. While some “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans were happy to see Phaedra back in some capacity, others have been critical. They don’t understand how she’s on the show when she has no real connection to medicine. And Phaedra bringing Apollo Nida to the reunion didn’t make sense to them either. Carlos and others think the OGs failed to make Phaedra earn her stripes because they were too “starstruck.”

Everyone was asked back, including Quad Webb.

Given all this and more, some “Married to Medicine” fans wondered if changes would be made to the cast for Season 11.

When Heavenly appeared on Carlos’ recent YouTube video, she said everyone received a contract to return.

“We gon see what goes down on the next season of Married to Medicine cause all us got our contracts.”

And when a fan asked if Quad is coming back as well, Heavenly said, “Yes, she’s coming back, she got a contract. I’ma go ahead and put that out there, bloggers y’all got it. Yes, she’s coming back, I’m coming back. Yes, I got Quad. Quad is coming back.”


      1. Give her a minute. Phaedra is Well Known for The UnExpected Shade/Drama and the UnKnown LML 😂😂

  1. Quad should come back and to hell with all those messy envious women especially Toya and Dr Simone , Sour Tea and Gregg looking like he’s 75 years old should’ve got canned , And Heavenly is the true mess maker , watch they go to the DR and find ole sneaky link Curtis have a whole family over there

  2. Ok…now why is Phaedra coming back?!?!…. What connections do she have to the medical field?!!…She never showed the so called “Doctor” she was dating!!! Oh…but I get it… She’s also there to collect a “Check”…A waste of space for someone who’s really in the medical field or have some kind of connection to it!!!

    1. If Phaedra shouldn’t come back- Quad shouldn’t either. A single woman stopping her ex and the other ladies husband isn’t a good look honestly… I’m just saying it says married to medicine neither is married and indeed nothing adequate to medicine.

  3. I didn’t think cast members on most reality shows were close buddies. What exactly is required of Quad? Do the other ladies “hangout” when they aren’t filming? No. Everyone has a life to live. The only two people that have a real friendship are Jackie and Simone. Stop being petty ladies it’s not a good look.

    1. The ladies do hang out outside of the cameras, is why they were so upset and hurt by Quad, being a cameras only friend. They all said that their friendship group was different from other shows because they were a friendship group away from the cameras. Quad said she was there for the check, they were her coworkers.

    2. Hell and Jackie friends off camera, because she was seen in several pictures
      of Jackie and her boyfriend. Yes Ms. Snotty

  4. Baffoonery at its finest and they’re falling for it. Just despicable the back stabbing, bickering behaviors to entertain YT.

  5. Quad makes the show, they are older n jealous of her Phaedra why is all I can say. Money is money the doctors are fake especially Simone. I am team Quad.

  6. I’m just tired of grown, black, educated, females making a spectacle of themselves on national TV, for the all mighty dollar.

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