Robyn Dixon Attempts to Grill Chris Bassett About Cheating Accusations

RHOP Reunion Part 2 Robyn Dixon
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Gizelle Bryant gets emotional speaking about her father, and Chris Bassett ignores Robyn Dixon’s questions.

Part two of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion starts emotionally. Gizelle Bryant, who previously argued with Candiace Dillard Bassett, sheds tears when she speaks about her father. After filming the current season, Gizelle’s father passed away. 

A teary-eyed Gizelle tells everyone on stage that she was with him as he passed. She was there with him when he took his last breath. Gizelle’s castmates and Andy Cohen become teary-eyed as Gizelle puts her guard down, showing a bit of vulnerability regarding intimate details of her life. 

Next, Andy has the husbands join the cast on set. And immediately, Robyn Dixon, supported by Gizelle, focuses on Chris Bassett. Robyn questions Chris about the DMs and picture of his alleged “limp [bleep]. In the clip, Chris doesn’t directly answer Robyn when she asks about the messages. Instead, he answers as Candiace did during part one, saying he has no recollection. When Andy asks Chris if he knows the woman, Chris doesn’t answer. He says, “I have nothing to say about it.” As we reported, the woman who alleged she slept with Chris has admitted to lying about the entire ordeal.

Gordon Thornton drops a bombshell.

Finally, Gordon Thornton speaks up. During part one of the RHOP reunion, Gordon’s allegations about INC are discussed. Here, Wendy Osefo mentions how Gordon told people that INC believes Gordon’s son, Jeremiah, is his biological child. 

In this preview, Gordon tells the group that he has something many of them suspect, mentioning that fans have questions. While what Gordon said isn’t revealed, his comments leave Mia Thornton, Gordon, and the cast in tears. 

After filming, Mia, who had previously separated from Gordon, filed for divorce. She told everyone during part one that Gordon was moving into a new apartment across the street from the condo they shared in Charlotte, NC. Mia is also back with INC, her high school sweetheart. They’ve been off-and-on since then, and Gordon, during the season finale, accused Mia of cheating on him with INC.


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  1. Robyn is such a loser and mean girl. She should have never been casted in the first place. Honestly, Robyn is responsible for the downfall of this show right along with Ashley and Gizelle. I can’t stand them now. She has all these questions for Chris but barely any for the serial cheater she married twice. An absolute loser of a woman.

  2. At this point RHOP deserves to flop even harder than it’s been doing. Robyn is a clown and her circus of an open marriage isn’t interesting anymore so she wants to deflect to Chris and Candiace.

  3. Robyn should shut the f-ck up. Her husband is literally going to hotels, nail salons, and laundromats with his side chicks for the whole world to see but she’s worried about lies a crazy lady admitted to making up for attention. Chris ain’t her husband but she cares more about where his d-ck has been than Juan’s. Robyn is a doofus of the highest level.

    1. Could not have said it better. Her put of everyone should definitely shut her dumb pot hole. Her sons hopefully won’t model their relationship with women based on their first hand view of this bizarre and dysfunctional marriage.

  4. The hypocrisy continues with Robyn. As long as she remains employed, I’ll continue to believe colorism is at play. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. So let me get this straight…Juan didn’t even show up to the reunion because he didn’t want to talk about his cheating but Robyn’s silly a-s is sitting on that stage questioning Chris like her marriage is good?! Yeah she needs to go. She always demands transparency she and Juan don’t even give.

  6. Robyn brings absolutely nothing to this show. She’s just an antagonizer who lacks substance just like Gizelle.

  7. Robyn has has big nerves in other relationships. She is still questioning Chris about a woman who admitted that she made the entire cheating rumor and photos up. That Lady who admitted she was lying is more credible than her ” friend’s ” husband. Robyn still claims not to understand why Candice has called her out as a fake friend. Yet she wants others to believe Juan’s bull sh*t, that smells miles away 🤔. Robyn has also spent years trying to prove that Karen cheats on Ray. Remember she had a picture of someone’s back and said that it was Karen. Robyn should spend that time with Juan and focusing on him. If she did maybe he would not have time to get other women hotel rooms, help with their laundry, and take them to get their nails done.

  8. This season has been so disgusting. I really hope Robyn and Gizelle are removed from the show. Ashley should be demoted for the Deborah mess. RHOP is an embarrassment.

  9. I agree with everyone else. Gizelle, Ashley and Robyn need to go.

    Gizelle has never been a wife on the show. No husband or anyone shows up with her. And her making up that nonsense that Chris made her feel uncomfortable is such BS.

    Robyn needs to go esp since Juan never shows up. And the nerve of her to question Chris about something a woman who admittedly lied said. Kudos to Chris for clapping back on Robyn and not stooping to answer her silly questions. Robyn mind your own Rooster house. As much as Juan has been accused of and caught doing you need to be quiet.

    Ashley it is so sad to see her hanging on to a man who does not want her because she has no way to manage on her own.

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