Mia Thornton Calls Out Wendy Osefo & Candiace Dillard Bassett Amid Split from Husband

RHOP Reunion Part 2
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Gordon Thornton is frustrated with Mia Thornton’s current Boyfriend amid their divorce.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton is a hot topic due to events that happened before the current season and the finale. Gordon Thornton accused Mia of being unfaithful multiple times throughout their marriage. In the scene, Mia reminded Gordon that he told her she was allowed to be with other men.

Gordon replied that the man she’d been seeing was one he told her specifically to leave alone. In Gordon’s opinion, the man wanted to break up their marriage. He didn’t want him around their children, and Mia didn’t respect that. Gordon also wondered if the man fathered their son.

This will be discussed during Part 2 of the reunion.

Mia Thornton’s frustrated with Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett.

In a preview, Andy Cohen asks Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett about Gordon contacting their husbands to make messy accusations about Mia. Mia takes the moment to call them out.

She says, “When I went through this, everyone on this sofa reached out to me except for Candiace and Wendy. And I thought to myself, holy ****, these girls are not my friends.”

Wendy responds, “I’ll say this, Mia in full transparency, when Gordon reached out to our husbands, he was there to annihilate you. He called you everything but a child of God. It was vicious.”

Mia interjects, “So why didn’t you call me to check and say, hey sis you good?”

Wendy continues, “But let me finish, let me land. Where we left off last year you had physically assaulted me. At that moment I could have said this is my lick back. I have all this information and ammo lined up. While I did not call you, please understand that the woman I am, I never once said anything until today about what he had said about you.”

She points out that not using the moment to hurt Mia was out of respect even though they are not friends.

“So that shows you that even though we may not be best friends, there’s a certain level of love and respect that I do have for you.”

Candiace adds, “I’ll say this, I felt really uncomfortable for you. I was really concerned for you, I just didn’t want to be involved.”

Andy challenges her thinking.

“I mean, reaching out and saying you’re concerned isn’t getting involved. It’s just being a friend.”

Mia agrees with Andy and says Candiace still should have reached out because they are in a sisterhood.

This preview frustrated some RHOP fans.

Some RHOP fans think this clip is reeks of ridiculousness and double standards. Considering the history, they don’t understand why Wendy and Candiace were expected to contact Mia. Mia assaulted Wendy during a past cast trip, and it took her a while to show remorse. Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant felt Wendy deserved the violence because she antagonized Mia. Outside of Candiace, only Karen Huger and Ashley Darby checked on her after the assault happened. As for Mia and Candiace’s past, Mia admitted to lying about Chris Bassett checking her out. 

One X user asked a question in response to the video that has now gone viral. 

The person wrote, “I never watched an episode but since you guys share clips of these people every single other day, why are the light skin women always attacking the dark skin ones, or making them apologize?”


  1. Yeah someone I know who also doesn’t watch picked up on the colorism immediately too when they started seeing the clips. I didn’t even have to say anything. I don’t care for Mia at all. The way she acted during that Miami trip is the real her and she was ready to push out anyone for even talking to Wendy. She’s another Gizelle but given a pass for some strange reason. She’s actually the treacherous one in that divorce but everyone is treating her like the victim. 🥴

  2. This clip was so disturbing . My goodness the optics are so bad. They are not beating the colorism accusations. And Andy is the biggest enabler.

  3. Mia has so much audacity and I don’t understand why she’s liked so much. She’s not a good person.

  4. Why would they reach out? They did you a favor by not saying anything about what your husband calling you a lying cheating slutbucket. When has Mia reached out to either of them in a positive manner?

  5. It’s really gross that Andy and the rest of these white execs want the dark skin women to grovel for the biracial and light skin women. This show is so dark. I’m done.

  6. Colorism will ultimately be the death of this branch of housewives franchise. Mia is a classless and has the moral character of a snake in heat. Gordon took her off the pole and tried to make her into a reputable woman…joke on him he should have left her there. The shake down was inevitable in this coupling. Wendy nor Candiace don’t owe her a damn thing not even respect at this point. Andy Cohen is totally incapable of addressing the topic of colorism in the AA community. The seeds run deep. The GEB are the worst of it on full display. Tank the show or retool it one or the other. Mia needs to get off the show and work on repairing her relationship with her son who undoubtedly must be confused by this chain of events. But she needs the check just as the other three, Giselle Robin and twerk queen Ashley do to sustain themselves. They bring nothing to the table and reek unhappiness and quiet desperation for notoriety. Very disturbing dark season.. give us all a break

  7. Yesss… colorism truly exist on this show… this my last season watching, it’s so disgusting and disturbing…

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