Kimmi Scott Talks Calling Martell Holt a Nice Guy Amid Domestic Violence Conviction News

Kimmi Scott LAMH
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Martell Holt’s recent conviction has some LAMH fans calling for his departure from the show.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” cast member Martell Holt has been in the headlines lately due to his recent arrest. As we reported, Melody Shari pressed charges against Martell. He allegedly threatened to release an explicit video they recorded while they were married. Melody’s legal move was in response to a woman alleging Martell’s paramour told her that Martell asked her to leak the video.

During the season premiere, Melody and Martell discussed the situation with their loved ones. The rest of the cast discussed Martell’s arrest in separate scenes. Interestingly enough, some LAMH fans complained that the comments supported Martell. Nell Fletcher originally didn’t feel Martell should have been locked up. Courtney Beasley said Melody could be “vindictive.” Regardless, Martell has since been convicted of Domestic Violence: Harassing Communications.

While Kimmi Scott didn’t appear sympathetic to Martell, some fans still had her on their minds. She previously labeled Martell as a “nice guy.”

Kimmi Scott addressed calling Martell Holt a nice guy.

Kimmi addressed this during a recent interview on Carlos King’s YouTube channel. When asked about the impact of the arrest on her relationship with Martell, Kimmi discussed calling him a nice guy.

She said, “It’s troubling and part of the fact that it’s so troubling is that the person Martell can be is a nice person and then the person Martell can be is not nice. And I know the fans take pleasure in coming to my page about, oh you think he’s so nice! However, the part that hits the editing room floor is the part when I say when he’s not nice, he’s awful.”

Kimmi continued, “And we’ve had conversations before in regards to temper control, just temper control like how he speaks to us. Like eh, too loud. Chill out with that. So I think sometimes a knock on the head is a learning lesson in regards to I’m sorry doesn’t fix everything. I’m sorry doesn’t mean much if you keep doing the same stuff over and over and over. So I was appreciative Marsau and Maurice had that conversation with Martell. It might have been a little too late because maybe they should have been had it over, and over and over and over and over.”

At this point, Kimmi feels like the damage has been done.

“A lot of the choices just have rabbit-holed their situation into a place that makes it hard to recover ever. It’s just something I’m sorry ain’t gon fix.”


  1. It’s sad that it took Martell actually being convicted for these people to start admitting he’s a nut and he goes too far.

    1. The backlash is real. Now is the time for reevaluating how much enabling they all did, and why they did it.

  2. Martell has never been a nice guy, he’s always thought more of himself than he should have with his bammer self.

  3. I haven’t like Kimmi since she coached her brother in law to go on the show and harass and defame Melody’s mother. Kimmi consistently sides with toxic men because like Nell she thinks being a boy mom means black men and boys should be protected before everyone else in the black community. I don’t like or support male identified black women. And even here she is still calling Martell a nice guy.

  4. I wonder what happened to ALL r women who supported Kimmi last year??? Y’all sure quiet 😆😆😆

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