‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Maurice Scott Arrested on DUI Charge

Maurice Scott DUI LAMH
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

LAMH star Maurice Scott was arrested Memorial Day Weekend on a DUI charge.

The arrests for “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” stars keep piling up. This time, Maurice Scott drew the short straw. Maurice was arrested Saturday morning in Huntsville, Alabama. He was booked at the Madison County, Alabama Jail shortly afternoon on a misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence charge.

According to the Madison County Jail, Maurice has a $5,000 bail and hasn’t been released. As of Saturday evening, neither the family of Maurice Scott, LAMH Producers, nor OWN Network released a statement.

This is the fourth arrest for LAMH cast members since October 2023, the third this calendar year, and the second in May. Previously, Martell Holt was arrested in January on a Domestic Violence (Harassing Communications) charge. He was convicted this May and is currently appealing the ruling, requesting a jury trial. The trial is currently set for September. The DV charge stems from an alleged text message threat sent to Martell’s ex-wife, Melody Rodgers. Melody sought the warrant after she learned of an alleged plot to have Martell’s Paramour release an intimate video of the previously married couple under the guise she was having an affair with another man.

Next, Destiny Payton was arrested twice. The first time, she was arrested in October 2023 for forgery charges. Fortunately for her, the case was dismissed last January. However, she was arrested again this May on an Identity Theft charge. Destiny’s ex-husband, La’Berrick Williams, sought a warrant in both instances. La’Berrick accused Destiny of using his identity and signature to obtain a utility bond from Huntsville Utilities for her now-closed MaDonni Beauty Supply Store.

Destiny’s next hearing is set for June 5th. The couple is also entangled in a bitter divorce proceeding, with each seeking a modification to their original divorce decree.


    1. It’s apparently that the cast members on LMH has personal issues. Perhaps Dr. Francis can come back in and help! Looks like they need it.

    1. I second that motion! A waste of air time. I stopped watching during Kimmi cancer treatment. It has no substance or positive impact on the community

    1. Girl it’s like the Twilight Zone. Ratings are really bad now too. I think this show is in a lot of trouble.

  1. I’m sorry but there’s no excuse for Maurice Scott driving while intoxicated. He could have killed someone or caused a serious accident. He’s a lawyer and knows the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. Apparently he’s been doing this before and just got caught with it being Memorial Day weekend. I don’t feel sorry for him because he knows that it’s wrong driving while intoxicated.

  2. The show should be live & married huntsville lockup. No black excellence found in the cast but a bunch of criminals, impoverished scammers.

  3. Carlis king not should be carlos don’t day your idea around me. The show s title is huntsville lockup. No black excellence found in the cast but a bunch of criminals, impoverished scammers.

  4. Deliar payton she who can’t pay her own way. Girl moses is married to sunni. You were side chick 3,4&5. Where is law? Get a JOB… High maintenance mug shot. Who else is paying your bills not porsha & yandy

  5. Scammer, under the influence, wife & kid a….., thieves, drunkards, fake contractors, living off loans, tisha wanting to be a targ.. model with a shoplifting background, keke stealing out of home depot, ghetto no phonics wanda, kimmi?

  6. This show has gone to the DOGS . This is typical of people who had nothing really, and given a platform, and let it go to their AIR HEADS.. I was so proud and happy to see blacks on showcase for their accomplishments in the deep RED STATE of ALABAMA. DAMN they ruin it every time. Sometimes people cannot handle success, they need to be left where they are found.. I am DONE this has become a STINKY SWAMP.

  7. OMG. How you getting drunk at that time of the day?. He is trying to drown something in a drink. Him and his brother (Marsau) appear to be as slimy as Martell with the side chicks and all. I used to like Kimmie but I thought she came off a little judgmental for trying to put Sunni on blast in defense of Destiny. That situation has nothing to do with her or Leticia. Looks like she needs to shift her focus back to her own relationship .SMH

  8. I’m just happy to see something different besides Melody and Martell storyline.
    I struggle to sit through episodes. It’s background noise while I cook.
    Sorry not sorry

  9. They are normal people. I never understand why people hold people on TV to a higher standard. People male mistakes and they are normal just like anyone else. People on earth don’t have a heaven or a hell for anyone to go to.

    1. Completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Maurice is an attorney. People aren’t being judgmental to expect a lawyer to not drink and drive at 12 pm on a Saturday. He could have killed someone. Lawyers can’t move like normal people. They can lose their license. There is nothing normal about cast members from one show all being arrested just months apart. This show is dark. Ignoring that doesn’t make you a good person, just in denial. To think black people can’t be better than this and should be is anti-blackness.

    1. You’re not supporting your race by watching a toxic reality show. You’re just watching a toxic reality show. OWN in itself is doing nothing positive or uplifting for our community.

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