Can We Say Freedom Of Speech? Waitress Gets Fired Over Facebook Rant

By: Taren Vaughan

As a waitress, the hourly rate is simply peanuts. So all you can depend on is your tips. Everyone is not a hefty tipper and Ashley Johnson definitely is aware of that. The former Brixx restaurant employee was fired for blasting a couple for not leaving her a sizeable tip. The tip was $5.00. But it wasn’t the tip itself that had Johnson fuming. The couple remained at the table for over 3 hours. Of course, she couldn’t tell them to leave or read them their rights for taking up a table. So she did the one thing that she thought was acceptable. She took her anger out on her Facebook account. She wrote “Thanks for eating at Brixx, “you cheap piece of —- camper.” Brixx employers did not like her comments and said that it violated company policies. Johnson was fired for her remarks but did take full responsibility for her actions.

In response to her termination:

“I did write the message. But I had no idea that something that, to me is very small, could result in my losing my job.” –Ashley Johnson

Hmm, I never knew that complaining about random customers without any name dropping could cause to lose your job. Learn something new everyday.

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