Fab or Drab: Jada Pinkett-Smith at the Madrid Men in Black 3 Premiere

Jada Pinkett-Smith stuns on the red carpet for Men In Black 3 with sexy short, studded dress. Did she nail it?

Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Smiths continue their reign as one of Black Hollwood’s busiest families. As the kids continue to make their own dent in music and film; Will is busy promoting his upcoming Summer Blockbuster smash, Men In Black 3. Like any normal loving and supportive wife, it is no surprise that Jada continues to show up to the red carpet by his side, despite those pesky divorce rumors that plagued the family a few months ago. While it’s great to see the two still going strong, one must appreciate her fabulous red carpet appeal and her effortless ability to show up her husband every time in her latest couture.

At the recent premiere in Madrid, Jada Pinkett-Smith went for another sexy look. Jada’s latest look was a gorgeous, short studded asymmetrical dress. She finished the look with a fabulous pair of gold heeled sandals, classic drop earrings, and metallic jewelry.

To avoid being overdressed and promish, the Hollywood wife and mother of two wore her hair in a simple and clean long flowing ponytail.

As usual, Will looked exquisite, as he kept it simple, yet dapper in white trousers and a black jacket.

Are you loving these looks?


    1. She has had a lot of work done to her face. Apparently being in Hollywood does a number of one’s self esteem. She has changed a lot since her hood movie days.

  1. She looks cute here. My question is why can’t she look feminine everyday? She and her daughter are looking mighty masculine these days fashion wise. The rocker chick look just doesn’t work for Jada.

  2. Great looking couple. They are working overtime to prove that those divorce rumors are false. I’m kind of glad though since there aren’t that many strong black families in Hollywood.

  3. Jada used to be fine as hell back in the day! She messed up her face right after she went Hollywood and started to feel like she had something to prove to white people. It’s a damn shame, but she and Will are both conforming to that Hollywood lifestyle. I can’t even call her beautiful anymore. It’s hard being black and famous.

  4. Drab. Nothing to get too excited over. I’m mainly saying this because I like everyone else can’t get with this new Botox addicted Jada.

  5. She looks ok. I’m kind of disappointed that she opted to wear a yaki ponytail weave instead of actually getting her hair done for the occasion. Those ponytail weaves make me angry. Whatever.

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