Chris Brown Confirms Break Up With Karrueche, Says He is Single

chris brown and rihanna

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

And this story just keeps going, doesn’t it? Well now it’s time for some damage control. This morning, we reported and confirmed that Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted on a date last night at Jay-Z’s concert. We also managed to get our hands on photo evidence of the two sitting together during the show (thanks to a Rap Radar editor), right behind singer Rita Ora and superstar Beyonce. The relationship status between Chris and Karrueche has been pretty confusing, as one minute tweets indicated a break up, and the next the two were spotted together leaving a hotel in New York.

A couple of months ago, we told you guys that Chris had made some business decisions and fired his long time manager and that you would see a change in his public behavior on Twitter and all the other social networks. And with those changes, comes new tactic in his Public Relations strategies.

And we’re just going to assume that all the press Chris and Rihanna seem to be getting about their rekindled romance is causing concern to Chris’ camp, because he just released a public statement about Karrueche an hour ago.

Here’s the statement he released exclusively to E News:

“I have decided to be single to focus on my career,” Brown tells E! News. “I love Karrueche very much, but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single, allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”

Chris would not confirm that he and Rihanna are officially back together, but from the looks of the last few days, it sure does look that way, doesn’t it?

And according to the latest gossip, Chris’ camp wanted him to release a statement because they feel it is time for both Chris and Rihanna to officially go public with their relationship. But the public already has expressed pretty negative feelings about it, so it’s been alleged that Chris was told to say he was single in the statement…for now. Expect to see more of the two hanging out together and taking photos together as well once the hoopla dies down.




  1. These two dummies!!!! I see Rihanna wouldn’t stop until she got what she wanted. Karma will get the both of them.

  2. The Chrihanna fans win. It’s a damn shame what Chris put that poor girl through. All the harassment and public humiliation and Chris still couldn’t be a man and take responsibility. Ridiculous.

    1. Karreuche put herself thru that, all the signs were there. Thats why he beat rhianna cause he was caught cheating….Draya didnt stick around because he was cheating…..Your already caught in a love triangle with these 2 and then the pictures of Nicole come about…she should have guarded her own heart along time ago. A man will do only what you allow!

  3. It’s just a matter of time before he beats her face in again. They will fight again. Why? Because he’s still a cheater.

    1. #COSIGN but next time she better get her a few licks in. They love each other so much and want to be together so bad, they will kill each other.

    1. Yes ma’am! A Town DOWN!!! Lmao!

      Back on topic, yeah so I guess we all can move on. The next story will be Rih and Chris’ crash and burn. And we all know that’s coming.

  4. Please. To focus on his career? He really means to focus on getting it in with Rihanna. He doesn’t have a career anymore. And Rihanna and all this BS is why. Both of them deserve each other.

    1. I think more than anything, these social network rants are making it more difficult for me to grasp. It’s bad enough that Chris and K are doing their little vents that are causing blogs to flip flop every day, but for Rihanna to tweet this? I feel that both she and Chris are tasteless and the universe has definitely done Karrueche a favor. I’m not sure Who she serves but she should definitely count her blessings and move on.

  5. So he called Karreuce to New York last night just to officially call ilt quits..They have been broken up thats why he was on Nicole like that in the pics. Chris im a fan of your music but geesh you are all over the place!

    1. For real? Man, damn Chris IS really all over the place. LOL! It keeps me entertained though. *Files nails*

  6. So again when someone gets pregnant rather its rhianna or Karreuche…the other one has to be placed under suicide watch….

  7. I am so glad Karrueche finally got some sense to move on from that Abusive druggie. She will not have the fame or the fortune anymore but her soul will thank her for it.

    With this revelation, I can finally say that Chris Breezy and Rihanna will fade into obscurity.

    Good riddance.

  8. It’s their lives minuse well let them live it their all beautiful and talented let it be. Love Breezy!!!

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