NeNe Leakes Shades Sheree’ Whitfield, Lisa Hartwell & DeShawn Snow For Not Making It To Season 5

By: Taren Vaughan

NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to draw in much attention as the reality TV star has branched out outside of the show and become successful in other arenas of the entertainment industry. As many great things have been happening for her, NeNe still can’t escape her name being tossed about in the rumor mill as she was said to have gotten into a physical altercation with Kenya Moore, Kenya already getting on other cast members’ bad side earlier on in the season. When she isn’t clowning people from her Twitter account, NeNe is chatting it up in interviews with various media outlets and publications, touching on various subjects including the state of her relationship with ex-husband Gregg Leakes, her status with the other women on RHOA and the current business ventures that she is in the process of working on. In one of her most recent ones that she did with Vulture, NeNe addressed a number of things from the on air phone call that she made to Tyler Perry to her friendships, or lack there of, with past and present Atlanta housewives, Kim Zolciak being on the first ones that NeNe was asked about. When it comes to Kim, NeNe says that she is not trying to rebuild anything with her but says that it doesn’t kill her to say hi to Kim when she sees her:

Kim, I don’t have a … I’m not trying to have a relationship with her, but I can say that I do speak to her. Because “Hello” costs me nothing.

It’s not like you’re gonna see us going out and having ice cream, but we can definitely be in the same room. You’ll see what happens. There’s always something with NeNe and Kim.

Former cast member Sheree’ Whitfield’s name was brought up into the conversation next. NeNe was asked if Sheree’ left RHOA by choice or if she was asked to leave. And she responded by saying that despite what Sheree’ might be telling people, the show producers were not looking to have her back, the same thing applying to Lisa Hartwell and DeShawn Snow.  NeNe also confirmed that she does not keep in contact with any of the ladies:

[The producers] chose not to pick up her option for this past season. I know she’s out there telling people that she decided to leave the show, but from what I know that is not what she decided to do. That is what they decided to do. She put out whatever reports she wanted to put out and I don’t think they tried to challenge it because they don’t really give a shit at the end of the day. She wasn’t invited back, Lisa Hartwell wasn’t invited back, DeShawn Snow wasn’t invited back. I don’t talk to any of those girls. I feel like they’re all gone for a reason, and I don’t think any of them were smart enough to stick around for this long, and I don’t think any of them were smart enough to use this platform in ways they could have used it. They’re gone and I don’t think that they’re missed.

As NeNe and Sheree’ may not be on the best of terms and Kandi and Kim’s friendship is said to be non-existent, NeNe had some positive things to say in reference to Kandi Burruss, saying that her and Kandi are a lot alike when it comes to being business savvy:

Both Kandi and I have a business sense — that’s one thing a lot of girls on the show don’t have. Some people come on these shows to be famous. I was never interested in fame. I was always interested in supporting my family.

Lastly, NeNe spoke again on her future with RHOA and says that although she has no plans of leaving anytime soon, there will come a point in time when all of the women will say their goodbyes to the show:

No, I never go back and forth on it. The show isn’t going to last forever. At some point, we all have to say goodbye to being a Housewife. Is that time now for me? I don’t think so.





  1. Damn!!!! As much as NeNe gets on my nerves, she made a good point. You have to be smart about your time on reality television. She’s doing way more than I thought she would.

  2. A bish gets her jacked up teeth fixed and you can’t tell her a– nothin. LOL. But for real, I agree with everything NeNe said about the other girls. She gets it and obviously got it from day one. And this is why Joseline, Evelyn, Stevie, and all the other reality “stars” who have no common sense won’t have anything in 5 years. You have to look at the shows as platforms. Don’t be too outrageous because then you can’t get any movie roles or anyone to sign you to a major record label (K. Michelle). Treat yourself like a brand. NeNe is being coached by the right people. The show will end and she’ll still have her connections.

  3. Actually… K. Michelle has a new record deal. K. Michelle is very smart lady and has an intelligent team surrounding her. I have followed her since she first appeared on Love & Hip Hop ATL and she appeals to the fan she is targeting. If you don’t get it… she probably was not targeting you. #RealTalk

    1. No disrespect, but K. Michelle is not smart. She’s a fraud. She is not who you think she is. But the image she portrays is not a good one and honestly she just comes off like a bird. If she was smart, tell me why she had to get on LHHATL to get any kind of shine? That’s not a show for people on the come up. It’s for people on the way down. And by the looks of her attitude, I can see why she is on the show. And trust me hon, we get it. We just don’t want it. It’s not like “it’s” that deep anyway.

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