Mashonda Responds to Alicia Keys’ Claims of Not Being a Homewrecker


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mashonda and Alicia Keys are back at it. Just when it seemed like Mashonda, Alicia, and Swizz Beatz could all come together and be co-parents and try to peacefully exist for the sake of the kids involved, it looks like the ladies are back to shading one another about how Swizz and Alicia allegedly got together. Mashonda has always claimed that Alicia Keys began dating Swizz Beatz while she was still married to him. Although they were separated, Mashonda says she was under the impression that she and the producer were working things out and she had no idea he was seeing Alicia romantically. She even claimed that she found receipts from their outings and contacted Alicia several times asking her to back off. But according to Mashonda, Alicia continued to pursue Swizz Beatz.

Alicia is obviously tired of the allegations, as the rumors have made her image take a hit. So ever since Mashonda has gone public with her side of how things went down, Alicia continues to deny the allegations in her interviews.

And once again, she brings up the “homewrecker” claims in an interview with Jet Magazine. In the interview, she basically said that she didn’t start dating Swizz until he and Mashonda had been over for “some time.” Then she alluded that Mashonda was making all of this up to “bring her down.” She says:

“…[They] were apart for some time before we ever got together…that doesn’t matter to those who take pleasure in trying to knock others down…there’s no need to fight what’s not true…”

It was just a matter of time before Mashonda responded. And as to be expected, she says somebody is lying and it’s not her.

She tweets (read from the bottom up):

mashonda and alicia keys beef

alicia keys and mashonda beef


  1. She shouldn’t have said anything. Just let Alicia keep looking bad, like she’s been looking ever since this got out.

  2. Alicia Keys has allowed this whole situation to make her look horrible. Just stop talking about it. Most people believe Mashonda anyway. Just accept that and move on.

  3. I’m definitely thinking Alicia realizes the the rumors were damaging to her image. She’s trying to clean it up now but I think it’s a tad too late. Not to mention, her music has been sucking ever since she hooked up with Swizz.

  4. See this is why Alicia isn’t the sharpest tool in the tool shed. Mashonda had finally stopped talking about this. FINALLY. And Alicia just had to bring it back up and open that door again.

  5. Sigh…I really hope Mashonda is able to find someone who will treat her better than Swizz did. But she has to let this go. There’s a lot of people (including me) who believe her. It’s time for her to get some good things going on in her life. Let Swizz and Alicia get theirs in God’s time.

  6. Both of them are tripping. Swizz is NOT all that. He acts like a douche bag and he cheats. He’s not worth any of this.

  7. This situation was – and probably is still – no doubt VERY painful. It had to be so devastating to think that you & your husband are “working out” your issues & trying to stay MARRIED, only to find out he’s CHEATING on you. To make matters worse, he’s cheating with a beautiful Superstar like Alicia Keys. That HAD to cut so deep. Alicia not only totally totally ignored Mashonda but she continued to see the man, got pregnant & then MARRIED HIM!!!! It may take a very longggggggg time before Mashonda is completely “over it” – she’ll probably ALWAYS talk about it, because OMG this HAD to hurt beyond words. In the meantime, I respect Mashonda tremendously – she is a BEAUTIFUL woman & I hope the day comes real soon that a man comes into her life, loves her up like he’s God-sent, makes her very happy & will NEVER do what Swizz did. Mashonda’s been betrayed, disrespected & God knows she’s HURT – I hope something like this never happens to ME, because I’d be so devastated I might not be able to come up out of it – I might try to MURDER that mf …… AND his b!tch. I’m surprised as hell at Alicia Keys tho ….. she really shocked me I’d never expect anything like THIS from her she can deny this sh!t till she turns psychedelic – she is a LIAR, she cheated with the man while he was married, she disrespected Mashonda as well as HERSELF, the b!tch is no longer admirable & her “superwoman” songs are all BULLSH!T. Ever since this Swizzy BEAKS thing her “shine” aint the same – even her MUSIC sounds different ….

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