Gossip: Michelle Obama to Snag Another Vogue Cover?

Photo Credit: Pete Souza
Photo Credit: Pete Souza
The President and the First Lady watch a couple marry.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s pretty clear that First Lady Michelle Obama is pretty much one of the most fabulous wives to hit the White House in a very long time. Since making history with her husband President Barack Obama as the first black couple to ever nab the presidency, she’s managed to become quite the force herself as people have become so interested in everything she does and even her fashion choices have become a hot topic in the media. So it’s no surprise that she’s getting her fair share of magazine covers. And although the First Lady already graced the cover of Vogue Magazine for the March 2009 issue, rumor has it she will be gracing the cover yet a second time for the upcoming March issue.

Apparently the rumors started to spread once Vogue staff was spotted at the White House the other day. Here’s the report according to the Washingtonian:

“Spotted Thursday morning at the White House: a team from Vogue moving cameras into the residence. What could that be about? Well, it turns out it’s a photo shoot of First Lady Michelle Obama for the magazine’s cover, most likely the March issue. Also the President’s public schedule is clear for the day, which could indicate he may be involved in the photography session. On the other hand, he may just be staying off the radar as Congress begins confirmation hearings for former Republican senator Chuck Hagel, who has been nominated for Secretary of Defense.

“Either way, what we hear is that noted celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is doing the shoot. What we don’t know is what Mrs. Obama will be wearing, though she has been actively involved in making the choices. Typically, when Vogue does a shoot, they bring a number of fashion options—clothes, shoes, accessories, plus experts for hair and makeup—and that’s just for “regular” people. For the First Lady the project is probably comparable to a small military deployment.”


  1. That’s cool and all but can her husband actually do something for black people as much as we praise him?! He hasn’t said a word about all the teen violence in Chicago. I’m very disappointed!

    1. Obama is the President of the United States, not the mayor of Chicago. I’m not sure what he is supposed to do to fix a city that he’s not really responsible for according to the workings of government structure. Sure, he could say some kind words or even a motivational speech, but you and I both know that won’t fix the problem in Chicago.

    2. Actually, he is working on that issue. Unfortunately he isn’t God and can’t be everywhere in the world at the same time. He’s done quite a bit for Black folks as well, but just like Heather said, he is the President of the United States, not the Mayor of a State. He can’t just abandon other races to just fix “Black Issues”. Stay tuned.

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