Lil Scrappy Gets Arrested for Fighting at Gas Station

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Lil Scrappy fight at gas station leads to arrest? After successfully completing a rehab program for his addiction to “Mary Jane” as a way to avoid jail time for violating his probation, rapper turned reality TV star Lil Scrappy recently found himself in some more trouble. Lil Scrappy was arrested yesterday at a gas station in Atlanta, Georgia after he got into a fight with a guy who disrespected his girlfriend Bambi according to a report from TMZ. Police officers received a phone call about a fight going on inside of the gas station around 2:30 in the morning. An off-duty Atlanta cop was reportedly at the gas station when the fight broke out and was able to break it up. Once the other officers arrived to the scene, Lil Scrappy and the man he got into a fight with were arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to a police station close by. TMZ got the chance to speak to Lil Scrappy about the incident and says the rapper claims the guy he fought whose name is Kenny Rogers was the one who initiated the fight by calling his girlfriend names. And Scrappy says he felt the need to go after him once Kenny put his hands on him:

“He was calling my girlfriend names and then put his hands on me … so I had to lay them paws on him.”

Lil Scrappy’s lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis also informs the website that there is video footage that proves the rapper acted out of self-defense and did not start the fight. Scrappy was said to have been extremely cooperative once he was taken into custody and he didn’t spend much time at all at the police station as he was released shortly after he arrived. A group of guys who were at the gas station when the fight broke out caught it on video. And while you can’t make out much from what was recorded, they claim Lil Scrappy is the one seen beating on the guy at the gas station. Lil Scrappy ended up confirming the fight himself via Twitter:

lil scrappy fight gas station arrested

Peep the video clip of the fight below:


      1. It was shaky and we saw more of the store and aisles then we did the actual fight. Then we never saw Scrappy’s face, so we had to just assume it was him. LOL.

  1. So let me get this straight Scrappy got in a fight and might violate probation and do jail time. For taking up for a girl he only been with for a minute and was just in the hot tub with Benzino. Scrappy couldn’t think himself out of a box smh.

  2. So Scrappy wants to fight for Bambi’s honor…BAMBI’S? This chick has never been known for bing classy Scrappy.

  3. This is just stupid. He’s on probation and fighting while it’s being recorded for YouTube. I just can’t with this man.

  4. So Bambi is just hopping to the next reality show huh? These people don’t even try to get real jobs or careers anymore.

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