Amid Love Child Drama, ‘Being Mary Jane’ Slips in Ratings

Photo Credit: BET
Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Gabrielle Union’s new show “Being Mary Jane” got a huge boost in press after her fiancé Dwyane Wade admitted he fathered a child with another woman, and the actress has surely kept the show in the back of people’s minds by her rather interesting interviews as of late.

But now the numbers are in from the most recent episode, and it appears that the ratings are slipping.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The second episode of the series, which stars Gabrielle Union as a successful cable news personality with a messy personal and family life, attracted 2.8 million viewers Tuesday, according to Nielsen — a drop of more than 15% from the premiere episode, which drew 3.3 million viewers.

The debut installment had already dropped from the more than 4 million viewers who tuned in to the show’s movie-length pilot, which aired last May.


Could it be that Gabby’s personal life is turning off viewers? Only time will tell considering the show is just into its second episode.


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  1. Good! The show sucks and it makes black women look like home wrecking tramps! Scandal too! I hate both of those shows!

  2. I think the show is entertaining and I’m going to keep watching but I’m not doubting for one second that these dumb a-s interviews she’s been giving as of late are turning people off! She should shut up now and let the show speak for itself.

  3. This is why I said on the other post that she needs to stop talking and let the show speak for itself. Now she’s said enough stuff to turn people away and that wasn’t a smart move.

  4. LOL! She’s killing her own show with those stupid interviews and all the self shade she’s been throwing herself!

  5. I honestly don’t think the show is all that good. It’s kind of predictable and boring. Plus I got turned off by seeing a black woman brag about sleeping with a married man…I just can’t relate to the women on the show. It’s like they want us to believe that most single and successful black women are whores with no morals. That’s not the truth. For once I would like to see a show about a successful black woman who has some common sense, class and morals.

  6. I think part of the issue for me is that BET had too much of a gap to keep people interested from the time of its debut in May. Also, it is almost like her personal life is being played out on the big screen and it looks a bit too messy.

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