Ludacris’ Girlfriend Eudoxie Tries to Clap Back over ‘Break Baby’ Diss and Fails

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Ludacris’ girlfriend Eudoxie quickly became a target of criticism once it was confirmed Luda fathered a baby outside of their relationship with former high school friend, Tamika Fuller.

While Tamika and Ludacris battle it out in the courts over child support payments and custody of their daughter, Eudoxie is duking it out (or trying to) on Instagram.

Apparently people won’t let her forget about Luda’s new baby in the comment section.

After Eudoxie posted photos of her new place in Miami and how happy she is that she will be closer to her man from now on, a commentator brought her back down to earth quickly:

eudoxie clap back fail



(Screenshots obtained by The YBF)
eudoxie dragged

eudoxie clap backs and fails



Many commentators then took to the comment section to let Eudoxie know her response was underwhelming.

She then deleted her “clap back.”


  1. While I’m disappointed that she’s tolerating Luda’s bad behavior, I really don’t understand why people are writing on her IG account about the baby. I’m sure she remembers what he did and she chose to stay so it is what it is.

  2. I used to feel sorry for her but I really don’t have any sympathy anymore. Like Gabby, she chose to stay so this is part of the consequence that comes with that choice…constant public embarrassment.

  3. Eudoxie ain’t worried about nothing she sipping on champagne,spending Ludacris money,lounging on the beach self worth be damned. I mean the clap back was pointless she is staying with Ludacris regardless.

  4. I don’t even know why she responded. She knows her place. She ain’t going nowhere, as long as Ludacris keeps the money coming in. That’s why he cheats…he knows he can.

  5. It’s hard to admit when something just doesn’t work anymore. Lost and may never be found. Where ever it’s at, it certainly isn’t here.

  6. Her response tickled me! She wrote way too much and then even took the time to find the angry emoji! If she gonna respond make sure its sure sweet and short and has a bit of sting to it and for the love of everything make sure the emoji isnt the angry face…that just means they got to ya! Dummy…where is Rihanna when you need her??

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