Photo: Porsha Williams Drags Kenya Moore Across the Floor During Brawl

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you watched the season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” last night, than you got a first look at the dramatic reunion show which will start airing next Sunday. As you already know, Porsha Williams attacked Kenya Moore after some words were exchanged, and earlier reports claimed Kenya was actually dragged across the floor within seconds even though both ladies stood up like they were ready to pounce.

Kenya’s camp denied that she was dragged, but footage from the actual reunion appears to prove otherwise.

Here’s a screenshot too:

Porsha dragging Kenya 2

The reunion will be full of lots of drama. NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey’s friendship will falter on a dramatic note, Kandi Burruss comes for NeNe over some shady comments made earlier and Apollo might finally discuss his bank fraud and identity theft charges.

Watch the preview below:


  1. Kenya looks like she was screaming too as she was being dragged by her hair. What happened Miss Detroit?

  2. LMBO! Welp! Now what does Team Twirl have to say now? Their fave stood up like she was going to do something but ended up getting dragged on the floor. If Porsha is on her way out, I say it was worth it.

    1. Totally agree if Porsha was going to be fired, it was worth it for her to finally let Kenya have it. Thanks Porsha!

  3. I still can’t believe it was Porsha who put them paws on Kenya. I knew someone was going to pop her eventually, but I really didn’t think it would be Porsha.

  4. Chile…I’m just ready to see the reunion now. In the words of NeNe Leakes, These girls have lost it!

  5. I watched the preview of the reunion..Kenya was waving her scepter all in Portia’s bubble. Maybe now Kenya will lose some of that mouth.

    SN: Portia must be from Decatur. Y’all see how she’s dragging her? o_O

  6. So the both of them were standing up and screaming in each other’s faces before Porsha hit her. So I guess the whole argument of Kenya being caught by surprise was just another lie. She had plenty of time and still lost.

  7. Wasn’t Kenya the same one who told Porsha she would punch Porsha in the face last season? So err, what happened? LOL.

    1. The same thing that happened with her relationship with Walter. It was all pretend. She’s not bout that life in REAL life as you can see.

  8. Kenya wrote a check her a-s couldn’t cash. She better not ever tell anyone else to jump if they are feeling froggy because once they jump she won’t do sh-t.

    1. Kenya is all talk. Security or Andy couldn’t help her. I bet she saw frogs jumping when Porsha was dragging her.

  9. Smh. I’m so disappointed in these ladies this season. I get that Bravo wants the ratings but all of them ought to be embarrassed. Especially Kenya Moore. She used to be Miss USA. She has fallen lower than everyone else by doing this show.

    1. Actually, Kenya fits right on in. She’s always been trash, she just knew how to cover it up well. Her dirt will be coming out real soon. Wait for it.

  10. Kenya has the most mouth of out of everyone and you mean to tell me she stood up and still got dragged? She can’t say not another word to anyone else. She took a huge L. Even if Porsha is fired, now the whole world knows Kenya is nothing but mouth. Her Detroit card needs to be revoked.

  11. I can see why Porsha was fired. It’s the only way Kenya could save face because she got her a-s dragged. There is no coming back from that. If Porsha returned, Kenya would be reminded every minute that she got popped.

  12. Karma came for Kenya in this instance. I would say I hope she learned from it, but I’m sure she didn’t. Now her ego will be even larger and she will assume she can provoke more people since Porsha lost her job.

  13. I mean Kenya should have got dragged bringing a bullhorn in somebody’s face and pointing a scepter at somebody face. I would have jumped up knocked fire from her a-s. After watching this I can’t understand how RHOA can fire Porsha so easily when Kenya initiated it with her props.

  14. Why is Kenya allowed to taunt her castmates with props? Porsha should not be fired. Most people would have beat the bat sh-t crazy out of Kenya a long time ago. The fact that it didn’t happen until now is a miracle.

  15. I’m just going to keep it real and say that I would have whooped Kenya’s a-s too. Judge me if you like, but I never in my whole life allowed any woman to bully me. Sorry. Kenya had to be one of those mean girls in high school who victimized people until that person came back and went off. She got what she deserved.

  16. I need to see the whole fight. But if Kenya didn’t even pinch Porsha’s dumb azz, I’m going to have to quit Team Twirl.

    1. Well then you might as well retire from Team Twirl because Kenya got no licks. She stood up and got dragged seconds later. And that’s been confirmed several times.

  17. That’s the thing about talking trash. You have to be able to back it up. Kenya needs to take some boxing lessons or something. This is embarrassing.

  18. I think Kenya stood up and got in Porsha’s face because she thought security would step in quickly and break them up. But that’s not how Bravo works. Bravo will let you fight a little first and then break it up. Did she not learn that from the Pillow Talk? LOL at people saying Kenya is so smart and some sort of mastermind. Bravo is pimping her out just like the others.

  19. Kenya took so many losses here. Not only did Porsha drag her by her hair, but Porsha grabbed that damn scepter and threw it on the ground first. Kenya looked shocked and violated. LOL.

  20. Is this the same Kenya that had to be held back in season five from fighting Porsha? I guess she’s not really a fighter after all. Shame her bad acting got her behind dragged.

  21. I’m still annoyed that Kenya will not suffer any consequences besides this for taunting people with those stupid props. That goes to show you that Bravo doesn’t really have morals, it’s just about who brings in the ratings. I hope Kenya knows that reality star fame is very temporary and when they are ready to tear her down and throw her in the trash for someone new, they will. It’s NeNe’s turn now but Kenya’s time is next.

  22. As funny as this all is, Porsha played herself. It’s best to beat people like Kenya with your brain than your fists because now when it’s all said and done, Porsha is the one who got fired. She didn’t even get to finish filming for the reunion show. She won the fight but Kenya won the war, and I hate that for her.

  23. Yeah it looks like Porsha dominated that whole situation. I’m sure Kenya will pretend she didn’t lay hands on Porsha because she was trying to be classy but that’s a damn like because Kenya doesn’t have a classy bone in her body.

  24. Kenya is weak. How are you going to let anyone take your hair and drag you across the ground? But I’m sure Andy Cohen is proud. Smh.

  25. LOL at the end of the day Porsha is still from Atlanta. I’ve seen the prettiest girls take off heels and fist fight with the best of them in the A. Being from Detroit doesn’t scare anyone from Atlanta Kenya. I’m jut saying.

  26. Am I the only one that see’s Kenya’s “nipple tit” slip…lol! I’ve looked at this pic carefully and really tried to rule out the fact that I actually see Kenya’s “DD right boob and nipple”…roflmbo!!! Porche really yanked and dragged that fool Kenya!!! Kenya’s really lucky that her long hair is “really her’s” because Porche we would have yanked a weave out too. Porche has said don’t try me and Kenya got served street corner style!!!

  27. Am I the only one that see’s Kenya’s “nip slip…lol! Porche really dragged that fool. Kenya’s really lucky that her long hair is “really her’s” because Porche would have yanked out a weave. Kenya you got Deebo’ed!

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