Rasheeda Cheated on Kirk?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rasheeda cheated on Kirk? We told you last year we heard from a little birdie in Atlanta that Rasheeda and Kirk Frost were faking their marriage problems just for storyline purposes on LHHATL, but Rasheeda continues to deny fronting for the cameras.

This season the couple’s “marriage problems” continue to be the storyline and Kirk is reportedly expected to dip out on Rasheeda for their new nanny.

Interestingly enough, Rasheeda recently revealed to VH1 that she sticks around despite Kirk’s foolishness because she’s also made mistakes.

When asked if she’s ever cheated, she says:

“I haven’t in the marriage. Things aren’t always perfect and people make mistakes. What I will say is I have not done anything in the marriage. [That’s why] the paternity test situation I really feel like that sh*t was totally disrespectful and pissed me off to the utmost. You know men do stupid sh*t because of insecurities within them. Not because of me. I haven’t done anything. When you talk to Kirk you ask him ‘What has Rasheeda done to make you feel like you would need to do that?’ The answer is nothing.”



Rasheeda’s comments have some thinking she may have cheated before they got married, hence her carefully making it clear she has not cheated while married.


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      1. Well I can’t lie..Kirk be having me chuckling at his sheer boldness. He keeps trying Rasheeda like a lame and it’s hilarious.

  1. They’ve been married forever. What difference does it make if she cheated on his old a-s when she was a teen. That’s when he got her.

  2. I don’t even pay Kirk and Rasheeda any attention. Everything going on with them just seems so fake.

  3. I am just amazed how interesting Kirk and Rasheeda have gotten. They use to be so boring. I thought Kirk was just being an jacka-s about Rasheeda cheating but her saying this makes sense why he questioned her. This little tea just made them more interesting. Mona really knows how to maximize the drama between people.

  4. She’s trying to make excuses for why she hasn’t left him yet. But she still sounds very naive to me. What does what she did before they married even matter? But let me not care too much. It’s fake anyway.

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