Diddy Attacks Drake at Party?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It appears Drake just can’t keep his name out of drama this weekend. While Chris Brown was calling him out on Instagram over the weekend, it now appears Drake may also have a beef brewing with Diddy.

According to multiple sources, Diddy actually swung on Drake at a club and some think it may have had something to do with Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie. However, some who witnessed the alleged incident claim it had nothing to do with the R&B singer.

Hip Hollywood writes:

There are rumors floating around that Drake and Diddy got into a huge physical altercation over the weekend during DJ Khaled’s birthday party at Club Liv in Miami. Several social media users, including DJ Sam Sneaker, suggested that Diddy hit the Canadian rapper and seriously injured him.

“Drake at the Hospital Smh,” Sam wrote in a series of tweets on Monday morning. “He dislocated his Shoulder. It’ll come out soon. Yall pray for Drake. N*gga caught a 3 Pc. Diddy put hands on that boy … And he Ain’t go 0-100 … That boy left.”

DJ Sneaker also tweeted that the altercation “definitely wasn’t bout Cassie [Diddy’s girlfriend].”


  1. How many times are we going to hear about Diddy trying to be gangsta? He’s going to try the wrong person one day. I’m still salty he tried to fight Kendrick.

  2. It’s a damn shame…two grown @ men out fighting like little kids. Can’t take their a-ses nowhere! They need to sit their a-ses down somewhere…Diddy especially you! You should be somewhere being an example for your children….acting like you all are stars on “Animal Planet”!

  3. Drake seem real passive aggressive. Like he loves to play dirty and he does it on the low. I’m no fan of Diddy but if he did hit Drake, Drake probably did something real messy.

  4. I enjoy Drake’s music but he’s like Chris in a way that he’s not really likable outside of his music. He’s very petty. But he found the right one in Diddy.

  5. I still wonder what happened between him and Kendrick Lamar at the club that night. Some say he tried to fight Kendrick over the King of NY line. If that’s true, than him punching Drake isn’t hard to believe.

  6. Damn Diddy still beating dudes a$$es isn’t he like 50??? He need to go have several seats and do like he did in the past let other dumb motherfckers take the fall….as for Drake where was his goons??? U knw the 1’s that were around throwing bottles and shut at CB and his crew…..guess Diddy got more pull in MIA than Drake lmao….I like these 2 hoes but the story is funny

  7. I love Drake but he is not about that life. He should be with his security at all times lol. The altercation was allegedly about Didddy giving “0-100” to Drake to ghostwrite for Diddy and Drake took the song. At the end of the day Drake did us a favor, who wants to hear Diddy do “0-100”?

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