Evelyn Lozada Returning to Reality Television

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Evelyn Lozada turned down her chances to return to VH1’s “Basketball Wives” franchise because she claimed her new life without cameras is much better but it appears the reality star is making a return to the small screen on another network.

According to Evelyn’s camp, she just landed her own series on OWN, and the show will be centered around her new life which includes her fiance Carl Crawford and son Carl Crawford, Jr.

VH1 writes:

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is returning to reality TV! According to Variety, the former VH1 star will be headlining her own series, tentatively titled Evelyn. The series will follow Lozada’s journey as a mother, finding balance between her relationship with adult daughter Shaniece and her role as new mom to baby Carl with fiancé Carl Crawford. Evelyn is slated to premiere in July on OWN.


Will you be watching?


  1. This chick has nine lives. You thought the Chad thing would be the end of her “career” but she came back hard as sh-t. I want to hate on this sh-t. But I can’t. As they say in the hood, get money.

    1. Meh she’s been gold digging for years and didn’t strike gold until recently. Luck is on her side right now. It hasn’t always been that way.

      1. You’re tripping. She got the ring from Carl in like a year, his kid, and her own hustles outside of reality TV (books, makeup line). And when she was with Antoine, she got her boutique out of that relationship. She’s everything Karrueche wishes she could be. Evelyn is an example of someone who knows how to play the game right.

        1. I still don’t think she’s all that savvy. Kim Kardashian takes the cake. She has no talent but got a Vogue cover and an empire. But is Evelyn smarter than Karrueche? Duh. But who isn’t? Lmao

          1. Evelyn isn’t a white woman, so she won’t be able to come up on white privilege like Kim has.

  2. Evelyn needs to teach courses on how to properly gold dig and get reality television money at the same time.

  3. I knew all that “I’m in a better place” talk was crap. Evelyn is not stupid, she knew the writing was on the wall for BBWLA with the fans. Better to hold out for her own show.

  4. So she basically secured a deal to make sure her daughter, and two Carls can get this TV money too. Smart.

  5. I knew she was going to do this. I just thought her show would be on VH1. But this was smart though. I heard OWN pays more than VH1 does.

  6. I guess Fix My Life was part of her strategy. She’s very calculating. I wonder how Shaunie feels about this because Evelyn is Basketball Wives. It won’t be the same without her.

  7. I think she beautiful and her daughter is fine, girl is a freak, she done it all in the bedroom, just find her interview on KKKNIGHTS but im happy for her everyday in life is a second chance. Her daughter is going to be a star herself dropdead gorgeous but women of beauty get way more lifelines than regular folk. I luv urban belle mag on Facebook and Twitter blessings.

  8. I’m happy for her. She went from hopping on tables and tossing bottles to kicking her feet up with a rich baseball player. And she won’t have to be ratchet on this new show. Now she gets to be chill now and still get paid.

  9. I really thought she would be smart and lay low from now on. I guess she misses the attention and camera crew. If my man was a multimillionaire baseball player, I’d quit reality tv for good.

  10. She’s making a big mistake. Her relationship has been steady but reality shows have a way of ruining that. And Carl will drag her to court like he did his other baby mama when the thrill is gone.

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