Wendy Williams Calls Karrueche Tran a THOT (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran is still getting slammed for her sit down with Iyanla Vanzant and now even Wendy Williams is giving her two cents on the subject.

During Hot Topics the other day, Wendy actually called Karrueche a “THOT” and she told the audience Karrueche needs to stop trying to make money off Chris.

She says:

“She was with Chris cause she’s a THOT who was after the dollar.

“I mean this is not exactly a girl who has her own business and her own coins. That’s the stupidest question to ask a girl of this nature.

“Karrueche you’re 26 years old. It’s time you work on yourself because I have to tell you…cute only last for so long. Cute girls are a dime a dozen. There are girls in this audience who are cuter than you…number one. You need to go to school and figure out a plan in life to get your own money. “


Check out the video below. The Karrueche talk starts at the 19:15 mark.


Spotted at Fameolous

UPDATE: Karrueche somewhat responded with the following comment on The Shade Room’s Instagram page:

karrueche responds to wendy


  1. Wendy was a THOT for crack back in the day. Does she really think people have forgotten her past? But she told no lies either way.

    1. Lil Kim said Wendy gave Biggie head in the back of a car to get an interview. That’s more THOT like than anything Karrueche has done.

  2. I wouldn’t call her a thot but I do agree that she got with Chris for a come up. I mean it’s pretty obvious.

  3. Wendy went all the way in. I thought she liked Karrueche. She used to praise her and drag Rihanna. What changed? LOL.

  4. She wasted her breath. Karrueche is not trying to go to school and do her own thing. If anything she’s looking for her next sponsor. If she can’t find one soon, she will go back to Chris before May.

    1. She won’t get another sponsor though. She stayed around with Chris too long and she’s damaged goods now. When Chris got on IG and called her out for doing threesomes with him and creeping with Drake, he did it because he wanted to hurt her chances of getting with someone else in his league. I’m shocked no one caught that on here.

  5. Well some women want to be kept. Karrueche is clearly that type because if she wasn’t, she would have left Chris a long time ago.

  6. I don’t think Wendy is any position to call anyone a THOT as if she has a past that definitely tainted as well. Have more seats Wendy and on another note, I do agree with all of you and Wendy that she needs to get her own thing going. Ain’t nothing wrong with getting with a come up but you got to stay focus and keep your mind on the prize.

  7. The only thing I agree with is she needs to gain some independence and get a career that has nothing to do with Chris or his connections. But that is too much like right. She won’t do any of that.

  8. I still don’t like Wendy, but she told the truth. Karrueche thought that interview would get her some sympathy but it didn’t. And having Christina on there only made things worse. Two peas in a pod.

  9. I wouldn’t call her a Thot but I would call her a dumb opportunist. She gotta up her hustle and stop being satisfied with the crumbs Chris feeds her. Get ya own so you wont have to wait and depend on him when things go south. And the need to make a detox center for Chris Brown ex’s. They cant seem to shake his a$$ off when he done with them. They need meetings or something.

  10. Wendy is reaching with calling her a thot but everything else she is right about. I’m not taking up for Kae but Wendy has a lot of nerve because it’s common knowledge that her husband runs her and her business so she has her own issues dealing with a man.

  11. Ugly people say the darnedest things but I can’t even say Wendy was wrong about any of this.

      1. Are you mad Wendy called your doormat fave out? You can call Rihana a thot all day long, but she doesn’t need a man to win at life. She makes her own money. Karrueche wishes.

  12. BTW Karrueche is a thot. She was down for threesomes and just about anything when she first got with Chris.

    1. Sexist much? I guess Chris was a puritanical virgin? And he doesn’t hit women? So if ur a woman and have threesomes, ur a thot? You are whats wrong with this sexist society. So sad, it’s mind blowing.

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