Christina Milian Slips up and Professes Love for Lil Wayne in Interview

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Christina Milian’s reality show on E! was just green-lighted for another season, so she’s been doing some press rounds and opening up a little about her personal life too.

The R&B singer and reality star has been reportedly dating rapper Lil Wayne, but since he’s still been spotted with his “fiancée” Dhea and there’s hasn’t been much public affection shown, many are a little confused about where they stand.

On going public with her romance with Weezy, she says:

“You know how many pictures there are of me and Lil Wayne holding hands? There are actually a couple…I guess it’s been like a couple of months since anyone’s seen any pictures of us together. So I guess it’s a big deal. I mean we’ve had like a couple encounters that people have caught.

“With Wayne, honestly he’s not a public kinda guy. He’s not a public figure. If you look at his Twitter, he tweets every now and then. He just started an Instagram. Like you really don’t see him out much. He really is like studio, skate park, eat…”


She also slipped up and said she loves the New Orleans rapper while gushing about all the time they spend together. Despite the slip up, she then reassures Big Boy it’s getting serious:

“I do, I do love him. He’s dope.”


Watch the video below:


  1. Does anyone actually believe she “slipped” up? C’mon now, birds don’t slip up, their every move is calculated.

        1. Simmer down. Let’s not turn this into a Rihanna discussion when she has nothing to do with any of this.

  2. This chick will suck and f-ck whoever she has to in order to stay relevant. It’s annoying and completely transparent.

    1. And this ain’t nothing but the damn truth. I caught on to her years ago. She is the symbol for f-cking for tracks. Too bad it has never worked out for her. She is still a flop.

      1. You ain’t lyin…she’s f*cked for so much and still come up short. If it wasn’t for her movies she wouldn’t have a career at all. It’s like cheating on a test and STILL failing.

  3. I’ve always side eyed her but I’m doing it more now because of how she just “popped up” during Kae’s Iyanla interview. It just looks like everything she does is calculated and for attention. Including her relationships.

  4. I wish she would sit her bird a-s down somewhere. She doesn’t love his a-s. She loves the attention this farce of a relationship gets her because she hasn’t had a decent career in over a decade.

  5. Smh… shes so lost. It’s sad. And completely lacks any sense of reality…. NOW she needs “Fix my life” where is DHEA? I would be snatching wigs all day with this chick….

  6. Meanwhile he hasn’t said one word about her. So I guess Wayne wasn’t a public guy when he professed his love for Nivea so many times or when he was claiming Trina. Bye ms.dip it low!

  7. She loves him just like she loved Jas and Dream because both of them said they feel like she just used them.

  8. I wonder if Christina wishes she would have joined Weezy’s harem while he was still hot and didn’t have so many money problems. He’s crossing into the has been territory so leeching off him now isn’t paying off as much as it could have about ten years ago.

  9. I want to care but I just don’t give a f-ck about this girl. She’s a try hard and an annoying one.

  10. She is really trying to promote this relationship. It’s embarrassing to see a woman cling on to a man for relevance this much when she was supposed to have a career of her own to talk about.

  11. She’s going to be tossed to the side eventually like he does all his toys. And lol at him giving her a ring. He gives everyone a damn ring.

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