More Drama for Tamar Braxton

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton recently slammed a blogger for claiming her and her hubby Vince Herbert are in so much debt they could lose their home, but now a new report claims a former nanny is suing the couple.

Funky Dineva writes:

A former Nanny of Tamar’s who was hired to work for her during the Love & War tour has retained an attorney to help her fight for her unpaid wages. The former Nanny says that at the time of the interview, she was unaware that the tour would start 3 days later. She alleges that Tamar & Vince refused to pay her on the books or draft up any sort of contract. I’m shaking my head because its starting to look like Tamar has a pattern of not wanting to enter into any sort of contractual agreement with her staff. Remember her stylist who wasn’t being paid, and when he asked Tamar for a contract, she got all in her feelings and blasted him on Instagram.

…the nanny was promised 37.50 an hour / 1,500 per week. Not bad for some damn baby sitting. Hell, my grandma had to watch us for free. On the final page of the document, the Nanny is claiming she is due $161,060. Now I was an accountant in a past life, and my math skills are slightly above average. How the hell the nanny and her attorney arrived at that number, I have no idea. I reviewed the paperwork several times and honestly can’t make heads or tails of it. Perhaps its because I have not had my Dr. Pepper for the day, or I had too much Hennessy last night. Either way, that’s what the woman says she is owed.


The blogger claims to have copies of the legal documents as well.

As far as the rumors are concerned, Tamar claims she and Vince are not having money problems.


  1. Why aren’t they paying their damn bills? She’s always bragging about being booked, well her booked a-s needs to start paying people what they are owed.

    1. Total Bull Sh-t! First of all I live in CA, LA area. You can get a sleazy Attorney to file a Law Suit on anything. Especially if it is a celebrity. It’s done everyday. She would have had to work approximately 107 days without being paid. Who in the hell is going to do that. The thing I do look at them sideways for is hiring these damn Mexicans house keepers. Most of the Mexicans out here don’t even like Black people. What they better hope is that they did not hire someone illegal and not pay taxes on her A-s. She would not be afraid to come forward because Obama have gave them the United States and they damn sure don’t have to worry about the law. If so why would they pay her that kind of Money when the white celebrities are paying there A-s Minimum Wage. Something is Shady about this. I am with Funky Divena . It happens all the time out here. You have Governesses White, Black, all colors from Agencies that are highly recommended. They hire these other people because they work Cheap. Her butt was not making 1,500 a week. She is going to approximately 15 weeks without a paycheck. Ok. The attorney filed the case because he feel like they will settle, because they don’t want the publicity. Your child is the most important thing to you. How would you not pay you sitter, who will be alone with your baby? That is the last person you want to piss off. If she did not have a contract, and was not paid on the books, she was illegal. They will get his a-s for not paying taxes but if there was not contract and paid under the table, which is done out her all the time. How is she going to prove this big salary. They don’t pay illegal child care workers like that out here. Hire your own damn people! Business Law 100, If is it not in writing it does not exist. Even if she can prove she worked. She cannot prove her salary, or the time she is to be paid. They are looking for a settlement. White people do this all the time in Beverly Hills to illegals. But they don’t make that kind of money.

  2. Well if this is true, people need to stop trying to work for Tamar and Vince. You can’t be famous and be out here not paying people.

  3. And just a few years ago Tamar was bragging about how much money Vince has. It’s funny how things can change and people can be humbled.

    1. I remember when he got her that expensive push ring and she was flaunting it everywhere. She was so proud he dropped that kind of money on her. It’s their money to spend but I know they wish they would have invested more money while things were good and Vince was actually making money.

  4. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and Tamar’s house of lies are blazing. Everybody ain’t lying and I just read her stylist and her longtime makeup artist Terrell Mullins quit on her because she wasn’t paying. Now watch Tamar come up with a victim rant how everybody is attacking her. Now get yo life and pay those bills boo!

  5. This is what happens when famous people think they are too good to have a budget. Everyone needs a budget.

  6. I guess Vince isn’t bringing in money like that anymore and Tamar is the one holding everything together barely. Now I can understand why she is always so petty and annoying all the time.

    1. K’ Michelle is paying Edris, and his woman. He produced that album, screwed her, would not bring her out in public and clam her and went back to his baby Mama. K Michelle running on shows play crying, looking like a damn fool. She got a young child 10 or 11 that is seeing everything she is doing. Album cover Buck Damn Naked. Sure her kid is getting teased. Her crazy A-s is no one to hold up and compare.

  7. When she got rushed to the hospital for that panic attack it became clear to me that the rumors have to be true and it’s causing her a lot of stress. And money problems can ruin any marriage so this is something they need to work out soon.

  8. Didn’t her and Vince just throw a lavish Easter party which was the same one Amber and Wiz went to? See this is why they are in so much debt. They keep trying to keep up with The Jones’ when they can’t even pay their own staff. Stop flossing and pay your bills.

  9. Well someone said on another site that Tamar and Vince haven’t been paying people for years. Like a long time. But I think one of their problems may be Tamar loves to shop. She doesn’t seem to have any money management skills and Vince never calls her out on it.

    1. And this would make her trifling as hell. You can’t go around having people work for you when you don’t intend to ever pay them.

  10. Chile Tamar was ducking and diving bill collectors on their reality show. I remember her picking up the phone once and telling one of her creditors she wasn’t giving them no credit card number and wasn’t paying shat. So I believe all the tea about them owing people.

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