Kenya Moore Calls out Phaedra Parks’ Hypocrisy + Sets Launch Date for Hair Care Products

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks have been bumping heads ever since Kenya’s first season on the hit reality show.

Although they were building a friendship originally, things fell apart after Kenya got a little too flirty and playful with Apollo Nida during a trip.

Both attempted to squash the feud during the current season, but it appears things fell apart once again during the reunion.

In a recent tweet, Kenya tells a fan she feels Phaedra is a hypocrite for calling her a whore again when she’s asking the other housewives to be more understanding about her fallout with Apollo:

kenya moore twitter

In related news, Kenya also told fans that she has an official launch date for her hair care product line, and she will start taking orders on Mother’s Day:

kenya moore instagram main
kenya moore instagram 2


  1. The stans can give Kenya their money if they want to. She will do them like she did Janet and those products will never come. LOL.

    1. LMBO she better not. She will lose a lot of her stans that way. People love you until you play with their money.

    2. Suga you are going to be so pressed and heart broken when those orders go through. I’m running on here first thing to catch the meltdown in action. Her product line is happening and she’s going to slay because she’s been working on it for years. Stay mad baby.

      1. I hope she pays you well for stanning. But knowing Kenya you probably do this for free. Even you know that check would bounce! Lol!

  2. Kenya is a hypocrite herself though. She had no problems calling other black women ghetto beasts so she can miss me with the fake tears over Phaedra calling her a whore. Nobody has clean hands on this show.

  3. She’s selling a dream like a lot of these hair lines. There’s no product out here that will make your hair long. It comes down to genetics and length retention which comes from how you take care of your hair. I’ll let her cook though.

    1. Cosign. My hair didn’t get longer until I cut out all the crappy products and started keeping my hair moisturized. That stopped breakage and now my hair is longer. The key to long hair besides genetics really is preventing breakage.

    2. Ok so this is off topic but my hair just breaks off so much. What can I do to stop it? I’m getting desperate.

      1. You’re natural pooh? If so, I would tell you to start by cutting down on using brushes and combs. Go to Youtube and learn how to finger detangle. A lot of times brushes and combs pull out more hair than needed and finger detangling will get out tangles and remove hair that is shedding. And also you may want to cut down on the number of products you use. The main thing is making sure your protein and moisture levels have a good balance. If you wet your whole head of hair and you pull a section of it and doesn’t snap back in place it needs more protein (and if it feels mushy and weak) and it’s you went overboard with the conditioning. If your hair is brittle, feels real dry and when wet breaks off easily when you pull it, your hair needs moisture. There’s a lot of great videos on this on Youtube. I hope this helps!

        1. Yes I’m natural. But I don’t know what I’m doing lol. Thank you so much!! Is there anyone I should subscribe to on YouTube who has great tips on how to have healthy natural hair?

          1. I agree with everything Fashionista said. A person you should follow is she has youtube videos and great tips check her out sis and let me know.

          2. I agree with Gabriella. Oh and check out Naptural85 as well. Her hair and tips are the business too.

          3. Before I started locing I was subscribed to BackSyncFan & Naptrual (I’m sure I spelled the second one wrong. Lol. Sorry)

          4. Aww thanks guys. I’m going to head to YouTube and get the education lol. I love my UB fam so much!!!

      2. There is one product I know works regardless of hair type. Check out themanechoice on IG. Her products even work with balding, cancer, & alopecia patients. Plus it’s a black-owned company and she’s natural too 🙂

  4. I really don’t think she cares about Phaedra calling her a whore. She just needs something to complain about so she can continue to be a victim. It’s her schtick.

  5. She told not one lie about Phaedra. You can’t be out here asking for people to be sympathetic to your situation when you’re out here constantly doing wrong by people. Her husband lied on Kenya but she still wants to call her a whore. That’s why her life is in shambles now. God don’t like ugly. And Phaedra is ugly inside and out.

    1. Yes Apollo lied but Kenya is not innocent she brought a lot of this on herself she was flirting with a married man, telling him how fine he was, and lets not forget her threesome comment. How quickly Kenya and all her stans forget about that.

      1. You right. I can’t even defend that because she was wrong for that too. Like someone said on here I guess we can say none of them are innocent. But don’t say you’re passed it and you were wrong just to turn right back around and call her a whore again.

        1. But all of the women claim that they be passed things but they never are. The same can be said about Kenya she claimed she is over the situation with Porsha apologized and hugged it out but still talks about her like nothing.

  6. Blah at that cry baby tweet, but I’ll believe this haircare line thing when I actually see it. Something is always “on the way” with Kenya.

  7. Well maybe if she wasn’t flirting with a married man she wouldn’t be getting called a whore. One thing Kenya can’t get through her hard head is Apollo lies would have no merit if she would not have been flirting with him and saying things like somebody husband likes me. I’ll pass on those hair products because just like Kenya it’s full of lies.

  8. I think Kenya’s hair product line is going to do very well. Her hair is great and she obviously knows how to get healthy hair.

  9. The natural hair market is where it is right now. Is her line going to be targeted towards naturals?

  10. I’m sorry, but her hair needs a good trim. Right now the ends look dry and brittle. But the folks that’ll be buying that snake oil won’t care!

  11. I’m kind of annoyed that she’s marketing her products as if black women having long hair is a rarity. I know so many naturals with waist length hair and it’s all theirs. They just take good care of their hair. There’s no magic product that will give you long hair.

  12. Kenya need to stop with the bullshyaat, she should tell folks what she’s been using to quote, unquote, grow her hair, as I’m sure all these years she hasn’t had her own products. Now, if Kenya makes skin care and give us a before and after face skin treatment with positive results, she might become successful. Btw, why I feel “twirl” will be her only client? Lol.

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