Kandi Burruss Has Had Enough of Phaedra Parks

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks’ friendship is going through a rough patch, and it’s all because Phaedra doesn’t feel like Kandi was supportive enough amid Apollo’s legal problems.

Kandi admitted to Phaedra earlier in the season that she wasn’t around much because she was going through her own problems with her failed play, but Kandi’s excuse only pushed Phaedra further away.

Now Kandi is accusing Phaedra of overreacting for the sake of getting “sympathy votes.”

She tells E! News:

“I could name you every event, trips we took, all last year up until the season started taping and when the season started taping, we were together every couple days. So at what point did you and I go months without talking? Or are you throwing me under the bus for getting more sympathy votes? What is going on here?!”

She also says the reunion just made things worse:

“I just left the reunion not really knowing where we stood for real. This whole season has put a weird little taste in my mouth about our friendship. When [Phaedra] expressed she was having issues, she never expressed them to me. I had to watch the show later on—months later—after taping to see that she was expressing these feelings to other people…If she was feeling that way, why didn’t she ever say anything to me.”


  1. Kandi is like a butt hurt middle school child. “But she won’t be my friend!” I mean really.

    1. I disagree. She’s just saying Phaedra was acting funny and she didn’t really know there was an issue until it was time to film. That is suspect.

  2. Kandi, please! You admitted you weren’t there as much for her as you’d normally be, so quit whining . You took your husbands side with Apollo, and dropped your girl for some dick….pure and simple. All your shots at Nene can’t change the fact that she was there for Phaedra and you weren’t.

  3. But Kandi admitted she wasn’t around much when Phaedra was going through the Apollo thing because of her play and her own marriage problems. So why is she trying to act like she didn’t know what was going on now?

  4. Kandi is getting on my last nerves. She keeps whining about Phaedra but she had her chance to fix things and didn’t. Oh damn well.

  5. Kandi is so full of sh-t and gets on my damn nerves. Instead of just being a woman and owning up and saying she was a neglectful friend she is trying deflect the blame on Phaedra. But she let Kim take advantage of her all the time. Kim beat her a-s out of probably millions of dollars for that song it took her forever to even confront her and when she did Kim still didn’t give her a dime. But all of a sudden you taking offense to Phaedra feeling like you were a neglectful friend GTFOH.

  6. So was Kandi trying to get sympathy points every single time she cries about her mom and Todd? Her fake cry scenes are so boring.

      1. Team Twirl! Cuz that b-tch sure acting like she’s cool with Kenya and Co, till one of those thirsty b-tches ease up on Todd, then we’ll see how cool they really are.

  7. I hope Kandi isn’t trying to say she thinks Phaedra is faking this to have a storyline because after Kenya, Kandi is the queen of faking everything for a storyline. It should be obvious now the whole Mama Joyce and Todd thing was faked to get their own spinoffs. Sit Kandi.

  8. And I’d like to highlight some hypocrisy real quick. Now was it not the Kenya stans who tried to call us out for stanning for Phaedra because she’s cool with Nene, but now y’all are on here taking up for Kandi because she doesn’t like Nene and she is cool with Kenya. Y’all are such hypocrites.

  9. I just think both of them are being a little bit overdramatic. Just like Cynthia and Nene. But it’s expected. Friendships and relationships usually fold when people do reality shows.

  10. I guess I may be the only one who wants them to be friends again. But like someone on the FB page said, Kandi seems to only be loyal to one person and that’s her momma. Phaedra may be mad at her right now, but there’s no need to make things worse just because she hasn’t come around yet. I believe she will. But Kandi shouldn’t burn a bridge she knows she want cross over again with these interviews.

    1. You can tell that this site is full of paid Nene stans. Phaedra is full of lies you can clearly see them together all of the time on Twitter with Rasheeda and Toya Wright. Just how Phaedra is lying about NOT KNOWING ABOUT APOLLOS criminal activities. But now that Phaedra has jumped of the Nene bandwagon all of the sudden now you guys are defending her lol. Classy right

      1. You sound so salty. Not you in your feelings because people actually like Nene. I guess everyone is supposed to hate her and call her a moose, right? Would that be better? Let me get this straight, Nene has to pay for stans even though her clothing line keeps selling out in hours, ticket sales went up when she joined Cinderella, she’s still the highest paid and most popular housewife, her WWHL numbers are always high and has one of the largest social media followings out of everyone else. Yeah, there’s no way she could have real fans! LOL. Seethe. Oh and Kandi hasn’t posted a picture of Phaedra on IG in 17 weeks. Stop being so dramatic.

        1. Dumb as hell, why would I be salty over a ghetto black women without a degree. And you have to be a Stan you know exactly the last time they posted on ig. She wouldn’t pee on u if u were on fire. Stop defending because all the end of the day, they are all shady and compared to BH and NY Housewives they’re broke. Living in rented mansions and driving rentals,(everybody except Kandi, Phaedra, Cynthia and now Nene) and oh yeah shut up. The faux-celebrities mean nothing so salty nah. But how about you open an LLC, or invest in securities instead of following ur favorite housewives all day.

          1. I know I’m about to be banned, but I’ll gladly take that for this here. Yeah I Said It! wasn’t even rude but since it’s all you respond to…Girl shut the f-ck up. You on here trying to call other people dumb and act like you’re some elite broad but you’re on here checking for these RHOA b-tches like the rest of us. F-ck you, your stank a-s momma, the father you never knew, and your whole family lineage of total bullsh-t. You ain’t sh-t, ain’t never going to be sh-t, so take your rusty a-s opinions and shove them up your rancid a-s. You’re a classism practicing piece of sh-t who has to put down other people to make your trash a-s feel better about yourself. I bet your dumb a-s has no investments to your name either but you’re hating on a b-tch that just bought her f-cking house in cash. She sh-ts all over your life with no degree. Now stan that sh-t hoe.

            UB you better ban this hoe too.

        1. You sound like a uneducated trick, you like someone that has never had a conversation with you?? Funny and delusional

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