Kenya Moore Responds to NeNe + Confirms Major Relationship News?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore is constantly being reminded of her single woman status but the reality star hinted in her new Bravo blog that she’s not going to be shamed for not being married.

Days after NeNe Leakes suggested single women could be hurting RHOA, she writes:

Some viewers ask why there are single women on a show about Housewives. It’s simple — every Real Housewife franchise has single women, from Beverly Hills to OC to NY to Atlanta. With that said, there are only two Housewives on RHOA that are currently not married, Claudia and myself. In fact, approximately 43 percent of all Black women have never been married. My journey is not unlike the many Black single women who watch our show. Nearly half of Black women want to be married and find true love but are not willing to settle or can’t find the right man. NeNe and her puppet would like everyone to think it’s better to be in a horrible marriage rather than be single.

Having said that, I have never received so much love from the viewers as when I was featured on The Millionaire Matchmaker. It made me realize is that I am no different from all the single women around the world looking for real love. My journey is their journey, and ultimately they want me to fall in love with them rooting me on. It happened for Kandi, Kim, Bethenny, Tamra, etc. and it will happen for me too with all of you by my side. Therefore, having single women as Housewives is good for the show. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy. And we can inspire and give hope to those looking for love.

Rumor has it that someone said single women should be fired from RHOA. As such, we wouldn’t have witnessed the beautiful rekindling of NeNe and Gregg’s love or her wedding special. Therefore, those people clearly didn’t create the successful model for this show. If it’s a play to get me fired… Try again. #CatchThatShade


“Millionaire Matchmaker” was good to Kenya, and she posted the following photo making some think she may be engaged to James:

kenya moore instagram



  1. B-tch please! She needs to take that ugly-a-s ring and sit all the way down somewhere. Her lumpy a-s ain’t a role model, and she could give a hot damn about single women. No one wanted her crazy a-s before…pure and simple! And till the papers are verified twice, I’ll belive sh-t she says about this fictional man, and the fact that he wants to see her ugly a-s first thing in the morning for the rest of his life!!!!

      1. Honey, we both know under all that makeup Kenya’s skin has craters and is a mess. To me, she looks manly. Plus with her f-cked up attitude, I don’t find her attractive. Sorry, not sorry!

  2. Carlos is gone and she’s still manufacturing her storyline. I’m sure her gullible stans are eating this up though.

  3. Kenya is a compulsive liar and an attention whore. She’s not even really with that man.

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