Amber Rose Moves On

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose made it clear on social media weeks ago that she desires to be back with her estranged hubby Wiz Khalifa, and no man has captured her heart the way he did.

However, in a new interview the budding actress makes it clear that she’s now moving on from the thought.

Hollywood Life writes:

At Amber’s movie premiere for her new film, Sister Code at Hyde in Los Angeles, she was asked some intense questions about whether or not she and Wiz would rectify their relationship. Her reaction said it all!

When asked if Wiz still has a chance with her, Amber just stood there with a giant smile and giggled. She was then pressed with more questions about their relationship and asked if it was to be broken down into a percentage chance, what would it be? Well to that, Amber responded with nothing but silence. Interesting, but now we’re getting somewhere.

So she was told, stay silent if Wiz has no chance. And what do you know, she in fact stayed silent! Mums the word. Sounds like it’s not looking good for Wiz.


    1. Sadly I think that’s the case. I know she loves him but moving on isn’t such a bad thing for her to do.

    2. This. Amber made a fool of herself trying to make Wiz jealous and it backfired. Now he really doesn’t want her back.

  1. Amber doesn’t know what she wants to do. It changes everyday. So she should just take a break from all men and focus on herself right now.

  2. Yea she has no choice but to move on because Wiz doesn’t want her. I like Amber but I hope she is really moving on her and Wiz will never be what they were. And moving on ain’t getting with the next guy I mean fully excepting that the relationship is over and realizing you deserve better.

  3. She comes off like someone who can’t handle not being in a relationship. She’s been running around with some bums just to make up for Wiz not wanting her. Until she learns how to be alone and be cool with it, she will keep on dating dudes who have nothing to really offer her besides relevance.

    1. I don’t know about that. Her allure has faded away. She’s no longer a beautiful mystery. She’s an open book and people are not as into her as they were. Her stock has gone down.

  4. Eh, I believe Wiz sat her down and let her know a reconciliation ain’t gonna happen. Good because she needs to stop praising him on Twitter. He doesn’t praise her at all.

  5. She’s still bae. I just want her to accept Wiz is never going to do right and she can do better.

  6. She says this now. Just when I think she’s moving on, she starts talking about how much she loves him on Twitter. I think Wiz is really done though.

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