Mimi Faust Fears Telling Daughter About That Infamous Tape

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust caught a lot of flak for her infamous tape with Nikko, and Nikko eventually claimed the tape was planned from day one and they only dated so Mimi could have a storyline.

Mimi denied Nikko’s claims, but in a new interview with VH1, she talks about how hard it’s going to be to tell her daughter Eva about the tape.

She says:

“I’m just scared like…this world is so horrible. And she’s a little girl and I just see all this stuff everyday. I’m gonna have to tell her about this freaking tape. And that is probably going to be the hardest thing I’m gonna ever have to do in my life…because she is so smart. And she gets it.

“I’m going to tell her like it is. That day…and it’s coming…it’s going to be rough for me.”

Mimi also praises Stevie J as a father too. Check out the video below:


  1. Don’t nobody wanna hear this crap. People have said it since day one and she was so ignorant to it all. Idiot.

  2. It’s hard to be sympathetic when we all know the tape was planned so she could outshine Joseline and Stevie.

  3. Didn’t Mimi’s dumb a-s try to clap back at people a year ago when they brought this up? She was on Twitter talking bout how her daughter is good and the tape ain’t that serious. But that was when she thought she would be the next Kim K. Didn’t pan out that way tho so now she’s worried. Funny how sh-t changes.

    1. Yassss so true! She was talking about all the money she was stacking from the tape but I knew she was lying. She’s still making a mediocre salary from the show and most people pirated that tape anyway. She thought she could be Kim but she ain’t white. Black women can’t make it off a sex tape.

  4. Her daughter should always be in the back of her mind when she makes decisions. Reality stardom doesn’t last long enough to make bad decisions that will outlast the show itself.

  5. No ma’am I will not cry for her Argentina. Nope Mimi knew exactly what she was doing she was being selfish and just thought about herself and she never thought about Eva. So she can dry up them damn tears I feels nothing for her. So now she praising Stevie J as a father but last year when she was with Niko she was calling him a deadbeat how he never took care of Eva this b-tch is so fraud.

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