Blac Chyna Adds Her Two Cents

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Kardashian affiliate the Daily Mail claimed it conducted an interview with Tyga’s grandmother, and in the interview she praised Kylie Jenner and praised Kylie’s family.

When it comes to Blac Chyna, the publication claims Tyga’s grandmother said she was rude to the family, and she doesn’t come from a good upbringing.

All of this led to Chyna’s mom going off on Instagram, and Tyga urged her to calm down and keep their issues off the internet because the interview was fake.

Chyna isn’t moved by Tyga’s call for peace though:

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      1. First Khloe, now Kim! They really should leave Amber and Chyna alone cuz the dragging has been epic!

  1. The Kardashians are seeing that people are getting tired of them. They thought Chyna and her family would shut up and take the slander but they aren’t having it. They better leave these people alone before it really gets ugly.

  2. Tyga is just afraid Chyna and her fam are going to expose them even more. He didn’t care about keeping their issues out of interviews and Twitter a week ago though. Did he?

    1. Did you peep how Mama Chyna said Kim was sleeping with somebody besides Kanye? Man, I can’t wait for her to really get pissed off and start pouring tea left and right!

  3. This is too messy….chyna and tyga are too old for their family to be getting involved in their relationship… He needs to learn how to be a man…no real man is going to sit back and let someone disrespect the mother of his child…Their son is really going to hate tyga when he gets old…….

    1. As she should. Chyna got more tea on all of them than Amber does. They fear her. That’s why they won’t come at her directly. Now had she not been a threat, they would have had Khloe’s manly self to pop off.

  4. All of this would have been prevented if Tyga did the right thing in the first place. He’s to blame for all of this.

  5. The pedo knows good and well Kris is trying to drag Chyna with the media. He knows how those hoes get down. He just doesn’t think they will do it to him but they will once Kylie finds another dumba-s.

  6. It ain’t about keeping their family drama off social media. He’s just saying this to protect that trashy family.

  7. I’m starting to like this chick. She ain’t gonna let nobody punk her. This is why I said Amber didn’t need to speak up for her. Chyna can take care of herself.

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