Kandi Burruss Defends Staying Seated During NeNe’s Emotional Reunion Moment

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes had a tearful breakdown at this season’s reunion, and things got emotional for the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star because she acknowledged that her relationship with her mother left some emotional scars.

Surprisingly, all of the housewives with the exception of Kandi Burruss gave their support to NeNe during her breakdown, and Kandi’s lack of a reaction caused her to get slammed on social media.

However, Kandi defended her actions and even hinted she felt showing NeNe support was brown-nosing (read tweets from top to bottom):

kandi twitter

kandi twiiter 2

kandi twitter 3


    1. You’re right but why? Like she really hates Nene and I can’t remember what caused her to feel that way.

  1. It’s funny because Kandi cries over the most ridiculous things. Every episode she’s crying. She cries when she can’t get the snack she wants and when Chic-Fil-A isn’t open, but showing some kind of reaction to Nene is impossible? LOL. She’s really become unlikable.

  2. If Kenya and Claudia could do it, Kandi should have put her issues with Nene to the side too. It goes to show you what Nene has been saying about Kandi has some truth to it. Kandi hates her with a passion and I can’t understand why. You would think Nene stole her dog and punched her mom. It’s just bizarre.

    1. Kandi’s first season, she got into a shouting match and that was it. They never had an issue after that. It was just a bad 1st meet. Kandi can’t seem to let it go so anytime Nene gets into it with one of the other girls, Kandi continues to build her anger towards Nene even if the issue isn’t with her or about her. She hates Nene and she doesn’t know why so she steals issues of others to continue her build of hate towards Nene.

  3. F-ck Kandi. She isn’t against a-s kissing because she kissed Kim’s a-s the whole time she was on RHOA even though she didn’t even pay her for that song. Her problem with Nene is she used to be able to say she was the most successful housewife and now she can’t claim that sh-t anymore. The nerve of Nene outdoing her, right? Pressed a-s b-tch.

    1. Yeah Kim has done more dirt to Kandi but Kandi has no hard feelings for Kim at all. Yet she’s still seething with Nene for something I bet is extremely petty.

  4. I didn’t watch the reunion but Kandi seems like the type of person that really could care less about other peoples problems, hurts or issues. She doesn’t seem to be a good friend in my opinion. How is being concerned for someone’s feelings brown nosing?? One day she is gonna need a hug and nobody will be around to give it. Even though her and Nene don’t get along(one sided in my opinion) she could still lend a dayum shoulder.

  5. Whatever. In one tweet she says she didn’t get up because she didn’t know she was crying, but in the next two she’s laughing about not getting up because she’s too real. The irony of it all. LOL.

  6. There was nothing to have to understand. Nene was crying and needed support….simple as that! Kandi has no emotion and no time for anyone else but Riley and her mother. Not even Todd gets to see the real her!

  7. This is what Phaedra was talking about. Kandi only feels for herself. She cries over lesser things, but can’t feel anything for people outside of her mom and Todd. And we know they are all faking their issues for TV. Kandi is a fraud.

  8. I actually have more respect for Cynthia and Kenya because they actually acted like they cared. And those two have real issues with Nene. They were able to be mature and I give them credit for that. Kandi needs to grow up. She’s mad at Nene over some shade she threw her like three seasons ago. Pathetic.

  9. Kandi lost a lot of fans this season. And it rubbed me wrong when she took credit for the ratings her wedding spinoff got because we all know her Mom is the real reason people watched. Kandi said Nene is too arrogant, but I think she’s just as arrogant.

  10. Kandi is fake! She keeps shading Kenya and Kenya has done nothing to her. I don’t think she’s anyone’s friend to be honest. She’s about her paper and that’s it.

  11. Why surely Kandi wasn’t going to get up because everytime she cries which is 2 – 3 times during a reunion; no-one coddles her, not even Todd so she is upset at the fact that Nene was coddled during her emotional breakdown and no one runs to coddle her when she cries.

  12. Kandi really showed her true colors last night now this is the same person who told Phaedra she should forgive Cynthia it wasn’t a big deal. But she couldn’t even show a little support towards Nene and they ain’t got no deep beef. Karma is coming for Kandi.

  13. I used to really like Kandi, but after seeing her pimp out her own mom and husband for Bravo checks, this is just yet another reason I no longer care for her. Good luck with that spinoff though. I won’t be watching.

  14. I never liked Kandi. I always got fake teas from her. I see I was right judging by how she switched up in those tweets. In one tweet she said she didn’t get up because she didn’t know Nene was crying but in the next she said she didn’t get up because she’s too real for Nene’s bullsh-t.

  15. Kandi is pissed becuz Phaedra and Nene are cool. She’s said that soooo many times this season, that’s why she’s going so hard against Nene and throwing subtle shade at Phaedra every chance she gets. Kandi is much more like her mother than she cares to admit to.

  16. People act like Kandi can’t get jealous of people because she got money but she didn’t start going in on Nene this much until Nene got cool with Phaedra. Jealous a-s.

  17. I see nothing wrong with Kandi not jumping up. Ne ne dont care for other peopke feelibgs. Kandi is the realist on the show. Nene and Kandi never really got along. Kandi has no reason to hate on nene. She just speaks her mind.

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