Janet Hubert Throws Salt in Kenya’s Wound

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore has had a tough week in the media as a result of her “Millionaire Matchmaker” boyfriend James Freeman getting married last month, and this news was confirmed just weeks after Kenya posted a photo that sparked engagement speculation.

James’ wife claims Kenya knew weeks ago James had tied the knot, and her claims of just learning about the wedding via the blogs are false.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, James’ wife said the engagement rumor was just a publicity stunt.

Well it looks like Janet Hubert has decided to throw salt in Kenya’s wound. She posted the following to Facebook recently:

janet hubert has more words for kenya


    1. ppl are doin a lot of gum bumpin but not showin a lot of receipts in regards to kenya…only one so far who has is vivica.

      if they gon spill tea they need to at least make the tea strong and provide crumpets if its this danm real. it’s getting annoying.

      1. omg twirl we’ve all liked kenya before.. please stop. you look like the elementary student who wanted to be best friends with the popular kids, but never was. if u had any respect for kenya at all u would stop because this is not becoming.

    1. She won’t. She’s somewhere plotting and scheming right now to pin all of this on someone else.

    2. Reflect on what? Everyone on the show has their own problems. This problem won’t break her or destroy her at all. Kenya is a strong woman.

  1. This has not been Kenya’s week. Man who’s next to add to the shade fest? Walter? Oh that would be so good. LMBO.

  2. The next thing we will learn this week is Kenya’s dog never died and she’s somewhere out in Cali living the good life eating dog biscuits on satin pillows. Lol.

    1. Lol, it’s funny you mention this because I saw on SFTA a while back that velvet is alive and well in California with Brandon.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I just did not and still do not believe that her dog is dead or if that is really her dog for that matter. Maybe it is a rent dog.

  3. This is getting ridiculous. Where is the proof a police report was filed and the SAG did such a thing?

    1. I think Kenya pissed everybody off. Especially people who used to love RHOA. I really think she came on there and ruined it. And then her stans are annoying. So it’s like the universe is finally giving us the reward we deserve for putting up with the circus for so long.

        1. No the ratings rose because people just want to see her get her A– beat and Porsha almost tagged her butt good. They should have never stopped it.

  4. She’s such a bitter person. She’s just trying to kick Kenya while’s she down and still has no receipts. UB please stop giving this woman attention.

    1. UB please stop giving Kenya attention. For real though, every 3rd story is either about her or the RHOA cast.

      Kenya is not a woman of good character.

      1. Y’all say stop talking about Kenya and RHOA but that’s what gets the most comments and the most views.

  5. Kenya has had beef with just about every woman she has encountered. That says a lot about who she is as a person.

    1. You have never disagreed with someone before? You’ve never not got along with someone before? They are on a reality show where they get paid to not get along.

    1. But it’s not true. Ask yourself why TMZ has not picked this story up when they have access to court records in every state.

  6. In the end, you always reap what you sow. After all the things Kenya has said and done to other people, I can’t say this isn’t karma.

  7. Kenya said this was her season of vindication, but Porsha has been the most vindicated. Claudia and Kenya kept calling her an escort and they said she sleeps with a married man, but those tables have turned. I know she wants to scream from the rooftop right now.

    1. I think Phaedra has been vindicated too. Kenya has been calling Apollo and Phaedra all kinds of criminals and she’s out here forging signatures. Crazy.

  8. Kenya just needs to take a hiatus from the internet because this will get worse before it gets better.

  9. Both Aunt Viv came for that a-s! Poor Kenya needs to crawl back into her hole and wait this out, cuz this firestorm ain’t over. *rubs hands in glee*

    By the way, did anyone besides Twirl and Anonymous watch that rachet Facebook premiere?

  10. If this is true, Kenya is going to be blacklisted. Then she will have no choice but to make her own struggle movies and shows.

      1. *giggles* I don’t use Google Alerts. I come on here everyday for my RHOA and Music news. I love y’all too.

  11. Chile I would not want to be Kenya right now. Just about everyone is laughing at her right now and even her own stans know it may be time to turn in the cape. They don’t want to admit it though but they are considering it.

  12. Janet made some great points. Kenya has had so many losses. At some point she has to loo at herself and see her part in all of this. Time to stop twirling so she can deal with reality.

  13. It’s sad to see all of you constantly put Kenya down and pray for her downfall. She hasn’t done anything to deserve all the bashing she gets. A man took advantage of her. Why are you not dragging him?

    1. But you the same anonymous along with twirl who laugh and drag Kenya’s so called enemies like Porsha,Nene,Phaedra Vivica or whoever y’all think wronged Kenya every chance y’all get. So please save this moral speech you trying preach. Take the L just like your fave.

      1. That’s fine but you have admit that nobody gets dragged as bad as Kenya does. When Porsha attacked her at the reunion, people were blaming Kenya. Kenya always gets the most backlash when none of the other housewives have clean hands. I don’t think that’s fair.

        1. Once again twirl you are making excuses for Kenya the reason why people blamed Kenya with the Porsha situation because she provoked her by pointing the scepter in her face and the bullhorn. Its a reason why she constantly gets the most backlash.

    2. not praying for her downfall…just annoyed with some bullish always being attached to her celebrity when she’s supposed to be the chocolate baddie in the game…she just need to sincerely get it together instead of coming to work with ironed patches on her jeans and telling us they were made that way and that’s pretty much all everyone is saying!!!!! comprehension people.

  14. Well damn. Sometimes you just have to let go and let have. Poor Kenya….nah not really lol she looked for that.

    1. Kenya will remain the most talked about housewife. People go back and forth with me on here all the time yet I’m the only person y’all call out. Stop being biased.

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