Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Calls Him out Again + Chris Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia has been firing shots at Chris and claiming the R&B singer isn’t helping out with their daughter Royalty financially, and now Nia is telling TMZ that he didn’t even fork out any cash for her recent birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

TMZ writes:

Sources close to Royalty’s mom, Nia Guzman, tell TMZ … Brown didn’t show up for the 1-year-old’s birthday, didn’t send a gift and didn’t contribute to the cost of the Chuck E. Cheese’s shindig. Nia says her boyfriend, King Ba, paid for the whole thing.

Ba — who’s listed on the birth certificate as Royalty’s birth father — seemed to take pleasure in Chris’ absence and captioned one pic of Royalty by writing, “Wouldn’t Miss This Day For Anything In This World.”


Chris’ camp tells TMZ he didn’t attend because he was busy shooting a music video that day.

The singer also clapped back on Instagram too (screenshot obtained by The Jasmine Brand):

chris responds to nia and boyfriend


  1. This won’t end well. It’s just a matter of time before Chris drags Nia for filth and it will be nasty.

    1. I’m surprised he hasn’t dragged her already. What is he waiting on? I know he wants to. This is the same man who drags his own fans for telling him to chill out.

      1. He knows she’s going to take him to court so he can’t be out here dragging her because a judge will make him pay for it. Chris is very impulsive, but he knows his limits. Just like he won’t start ish with a real man, he won’t start ish with Nia because it will just give her the upper hand in court.

    2. Oh it’s coming. You can tell it’s taking everything in him to not do it. But he will slip up soon because it’s who he is.

    3. I remember that time he said Kae was doing threesomes with him when they first got together. Chris has no filter. He will tell all your business if your cross him enough times.

  2. What will running to TMZ do? If Chris isn’t giving her money (I doubt this though), she needs to be taking him to court.

    1. She’s using TMZ to build her case when she does sue for more child support. It could backfire but because Chris is such a mess it won’t.

      1. Also, she will have to straighten out the birth certificate issue before she can take him to court. If she hasn’t done that, they will not fight that battle. She needs to clean out her own nasty issues before she start the slam and how expensive could this Chuckee Cheese party be? I’ve had plenty of my kids parties there and paid for sometimes 25 plus kids and thats not including the grown-ups I paid for either.

  3. I’m pretty sure Chris could pay for 2000 cheap a-s Chuck E Cheese parties. Why does this chick’s boyfriend want a pat on the back for doing basic sh-t for a child that isn’t his and staying with a hoe? That’s not commendable.

  4. So she expects for Chris to pay for everything now since he’s rich and she no longer has to be responsible for anything? LOL. Typical.

  5. Her boyfriend is more mad at Chris than her for being a tramp. But it usually works out that way when the woman isn’t black.

  6. If theres going to be 2 celebrations, both parents should be at both. Although… what 1 year old needs 2 birthday parties?

    1. No, if the parents are not together and are not on good terms, I see no reason why they should have a joint party. It’s not uncommon for the mother to have on party and the father to have a party of their own. There’s less drama and it makes more sense to keep the account seperate.

      1. But 1 day.. to be grown and civilized for the sake of a baby. They need to be grownups. If hes too big a star… showup with ya guards drop ya gifts & hold her for at least 10 minutes. Although mom has a baby by Chris Brown now… He chose to run up in dat wit no protection Now he gotta deal with her hoodrat lifestyle

    2. I think so too but in this situation the mom is regular. Chris is a celebrity. I think if Chris did show up at the party the attention would be on Chris as opposed to the child. So in this case I think 2 parties will be best.

  7. Everyone is just using this poor child. The mom is using her for a payday, the mom’s boyfriend is using the child to boost his ego and stick it to Chris because he’s mad his girl was out here sleeping around without protection, and Chris keeps using the child to fix his image. Crazy.

  8. Why would Chris want to go to their party when both of them keep shading him on Instagram? It’s just another hostile situation that would have gotten him in trouble.

  9. Chris irks me but I think this is a non issue. He couldn’t be there because he was working. He didn’t pay for it but that shouldn’t be an issue since the boyfriend keeps bragging about how Royalty is still his child and he wants to keep taking care of her. So what are they really mad about?

  10. She’s trying to tell y’all Chris is using his own daughter for PR like Kim uses North. He will post about her on IG but he still isn’t around like that.

  11. Nia, really needs to Fall all the way back. She is clearly using her daughter for everything she can get out of Chris. Stevie Wonder could see this coming and she should be ashamed. The only person she will hurt is her daughter.


  12. The right person paid for it, the one on the birth certificate. Nia need to get it together and leave this out of the media. If she wanted Chris in this child’s life she should have had DNA on all 3 from the jump. She knew she slept with them all. Why guess?? That’s her fault and she has to deal now. Good luck with that hun.

  13. Nia is going to mess right around and unleash the dragon. Chris is going to off on her and she will get embarrassed.

  14. She kills me accusing CB of being a bad father when she didn’t even know who her baby daddy was some good mother she is.

  15. U kno everybody showed up just waitin for Chris I cant blame him for not showing up…. but thats his baby n bm forever. 17 More yrs of this. He cant hide forever

  16. I’m surprised Mama Breezy hasn’t started shading Nia on Twitter yet. You know how she gets down.

  17. Chris just decided to let them pay for the party since they love bragging about taking care of Royalty so much on Instagram. Losers.

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