Watch: Erykah Badu Sparks Pregnancy Rumors with Recent Performance (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Erykah Badu gets a lot of flak from folks because she has three kids with three different men, but she’s made it clear in the past that she’s not concerned about other people’s opinions and anyone who has a problem can “kiss her placenta.”

Erykah has folks thinking she could be pregnant again with a recent performance because at times it looked like she was rocking a baby bump.

Talk Your Ish Blog writes:

On Saturday night at the ninth annual Roots Picnic at a sold-out Festival Pier, the Philly hip-hop heroes – who were introduced by Mayor Nutter – were reunited with Texas soul woman Badu, who jointly headlined the all-day event. Other marquee acts included New York rapper A$AP Rocky, Canadian R&B singer the Weeknd, and indie-pop duo Phantogram.

If it is true this will be Erykah’s fourth child.

Pregnant and all Ms #erykahbadu gave a show and she showed that donk #supaphat she play too much #rootspicnic

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look at muva 👀💕 #erykahbadu #baduizm #baglady

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UPDATE: Erykah has shut down the rumors and she says she just gained some weight:

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.40.25 PM


  1. All that a-s and she’s still struggle twerking. LOL. I don’t think she’s preggers. Just out of shape and dgaf.

  2. Yup she’s pregnant its obvious just look at her belly from the side when she is dancing plus you can see it all in her face.

  3. A mess. I wish she would have just stayed with and married 3000 but he ain’t trying to settle down.

  4. If you got people thinking you’re pregnant and you’re actually not, it’s time to go back to the gym. LOL.

    1. She was talking about eating a bowl of red beans and rice before hitting the stage tho! Lol!

    2. Gym My Foot. Ms Badu on her way to the chop shop. She just found out via social media… fat my a** this woman is pregnant

  5. I’m shocked because she looks very pregnant to me especially from the side and even her face looks fuller guess I was wrong.

  6. I can’t stand MTO. “And you won’t believe who the alleged father is.” They are so whack and misinformed.

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