Keyshia Cole Gets Clowned on Instagram for New Tattoo

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole is known for being unapologetic and very transparent in the world of celebrity, and it’s one of the reasons her fans appreciate her.

Not known for caring too much about other people’s opinions about her personal life, she daringly showed off her new bikini line tattoo recently.

The new tat caused quite a bit of stir on social media because as some of Keyshia’s followers put it, far away it resembles stubble:

💦BIKINI LINE TATT ON FLEEKK💁🏽 #JacksonVilleFL #ImOnMyWay #Groceries #LibraGang #FcukFear #Nights💦

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Despite multiple folks clowning the tattoo in the comments, Keyshia remains unbothered.

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  1. I guess folks liking her hair color went to her head? Why choose a tat that looks like stubble though?

  2. It looks just like pubic hair I know that ish hurt. Keyshia is crazy I be damn near in tears getting waxed no way I’m getting tatted down there no way.

  3. I wonder how people are going to feel about their unnecessary tattoos when they get in their 60s.

  4. Lol she’s bothered and probably just thinking of how to clap back.she doesn’t know how to stay off of social media, clearly. Smh.

  5. Now why didn’t she think this through? There’s nothing cute about getting p-bic hair tattooed to your body.

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