Watch: Peter Thomas Gets Caught Flirting with Another Woman at the Club? (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas is no stranger to gossip and the tabloids when it comes to his marriage to Cynthia Bailey, but Peter claims he would never step out on his wife.

However, Peter finds himself tangled in a new scandal, and there’s now video of him allegedly flirting with another woman in a nightclub recently.

The Shade Room got their hands on the footage, so check it out below and let us know if it’s harmless or foul:

UPDATE: Peter has responded. In a new video, he says:

“There’s stuff all over the Instagram that makes me look like a big a*s cheater. That’s not what it is. That was a friend of mine in the club I was talking to. Looks crazy, I know it does. So I’m apologizing to my wife. I’m apologizing to my two beautiful daughters. Your Daddy’s not a cheater.”



  1. Peter is a flirt and always will be. Do I think he may take it too far one day and sleep with someone else? Meh, it’s possible.

    1. Cynthia’s own family tried to tell her about Peter but she was so desperate to have a husband she ignored them.

  2. I don’t know if this is bad or not, but as a married man, why is he even in that situation to begin with? That’s the thing I don’t get with Peter. He’s not even the one who gets paid for RHOA and he acts like it’s his show.

  3. It looks like he kissed her on the cheek and rubbed her breasts quickly. LOL. Cynthia ain’t going nowhere though and he will get on Twitter and blame this on “haters” as usual.

  4. I told y’all he flirted with me at the club!!!!! He has a lot of swag so I was tempted like hell but I walked off because he’s married. A lot of women don’t care about a man being married though so I do think he sleeps around.

  5. Much deserved karma always in somebody else business but they radio silent on they mess. People are going in on them on instagram and they deserve every bit of it.

  6. Uh how does this video explain WHY he was all up on someone who is not Cynthia? He got caught flirting and needs to be man enough admit that’s what he was doing.

  7. Looks like flirting to me and very inappropriate. And he was better off not responding because now he looks even more guilty.

  8. There can be video of him f-cking someone else and he would just say well that was my friend! How many friends does his old a-s really need?

  9. remember when cynthia’s mom and her sister hid the marriage license? on her wedding day? that should have been a sign post.but cynthia didnt listen.sometimes people have to learn the hard way!

  10. He took the video down because he knows his excuse was very weak. Everytime he is busted flirting with someone, he pulls the friend card. My man has friends to, but he doesn’t feel the need to flirt with them.

  11. Oh he took it down. Well thank goodness UB transcribed what he said. Cynthia should have ran away from this fool when she had the chance.

  12. He was probably drunk and forgot everybody has camera phones. There’s no telling what he’s been doing al this time.

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