Porsha Williams is Fighting the Urge to be Petty Amid Peter Thomas Scandal

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last season on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey ended up on pretty bad terms after Cynthia saw Porsha accuse Peter Thomas of cheating with a woman who frequents his sports bar during an outing with Phaedra Parks, and Cynthia confronted Porsha about it at the reunion.

In the end Cynthia felt like Porsha was being messy and needed to mind her own business, and Peter denied there was any truth to the accusations.

But now that there’s actually video of him flirting with another woman floating around the internet (who Cynthia confirmed is one of his frequent bar visitors), it just looks as if Porsha was spot on.

Porsha is fighting the urge to be petty though:


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  1. Bhahahaha!!! Be petty Porsha she earned the right to be. The way Cynthia and Peter stay in people business especially people marriages Porsha & Phaedra’s to be exact then how they tried to blame Nene for all their marriage problems they deserve to be clowned. Bring on the pettiness I’m here for it.

  2. I don’t know why dumb dumb is trying to throw shade. She lost her husband. At least Peter still wants to be with Cynthia. Kordell dumped her like the trash she is. Either way, none of these husbands are any good.

    1. Really twirl, have you not known any other woman to get divorced and walk away empty handed? You’re more slow than I thought. Look how Porsha bounced back, so you’re not going to give her credit for bouncing back? Your hate for women besides Kenya is atrocious and disrespectful to all women. You’re a disgrace and the worst kind of chic.I’m almost certain, you don’t have real friend girls in life. #Scum

      1. Oh girl simmer down with all the dramatics. I doubt you felt this passionate and outraged when Dumbo assaulted Kenya at the reunion like ghetto trash. You and your ilk laughed and blamed Kenya for the attack. But now y’all are supposed to be the moral police? *giggles* Look Porsha hoodwinked all of you in season five. Y’all just refuse to see who she really is. The rest of us just call it like we see it. Call me whatever you need in order to deal with the truth I just served. Makes me no difference.

    2. Yea Peter is still there because he is not done spending the little money Cynthia does have left. At least Porsha has some self respect about her and not in a relationship where a man is disrespecting her in public. When Cynthia gets broke then Peter will be long gone.

  3. I don’t even blame her. Cynthia really tried it and she shouldn’t have since Peter ain’t no prize in the least bit. Her own family tried to warn her about him but she married him anyway like a fool.

  4. Porsha and Nene have been right every single time with the piping hot tea. I say be petty girl! Be as petty as you want to be! I’ll be here for it!

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