Tamar Braxton Addresses Rumors of Not Paying People

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Tamar Braxton has been accused multiple times of not paying her own staff, and although she hasn’t said much regarding the rumors in the past, she’s now addressing them head on in a new interview.

When asked about the rumors, Tamar tells B. Scott:

“I can’t say they don’t have a good experience working with me. You know, because I’ve kept people employed for, you know, a very long time — years and years. When things start to not work out and people get let go or what have you, they’re upset. They start saying things — which is the same exact thing — and it’s ridiculous. If that was the problem, then you wouldn’t have been here for 3 or 4 years. You understand what I’m saying? But now, all of a sudden, oh, I ain’t paid you for three years and you’ve been sticking around (laughs)! That doesn’t even make no sense. Stop it!”


  1. I didn’t expect her to be honest. Oh well. Hopefully her and Vince are handling the money problems they were having.

  2. I believe her. I mean did anyone even actually sue her? I don’t recall hearing of an actual lawsuit.

  3. Actually when different people start saying the same thing about you, there’s usually some truth to it. But I’ll let her cook.

  4. Yall are hating. Who in their right mind would be employed to someone for a long a-s time and not get paid. If that’s the case they shouldn’t be paid for being stupid. Don’t hate on a person just to hate. Go be productive you bitter ladies.

    1. Lmao nobody has to like Tamar though. Her and K have those kind of personalities where it’s not required to be bitter to dislike them. You want your fave to be liked, tell her to work on her nasty attitude. That helps.

    2. Nobody is bitter if the muppet would pay people then we would not be talking about her lying a-s. The people didn’t work for years without pay they are suing because she stopped paying.

  5. The lawsuits filed against her and Vince say otherwise. By the way, did he ever pay his taxes? I know the IRS was looking for him.

    1. All I’m saying is that she looks like a troll with a nasty, immature dumb attitude. She also thinks she’s funny. Humble yourself like your sister Toni, you know the one with the GRAMMY. If she acts like that in public, can you imagine her at home.WOW!!

  6. Her tea has already been spilled multiple times as well as Vince not paying taxes and not paying for custom suits. I don’t know why she needs to lie about it. Couples have money problems. All you can do is get back on your feet and I’m sure they are doing that.

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