Bambi Calls out Erica Dixon Amid Custody Beef with Lil Scrappy

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bambi and Erica Dixon aren’t on good terms because Erica feels like Bambi over steps her boundaries by being a little too motherly with Emani, but Bambi feels Erica should be appreciative.

She tells VH1:

“For some reason, Erica really has a problem with me even though she knows how her daughter feels about me and she knows that I never hurt her daughter. I just feel like if a woman was spending as much with my child as I spend with Emani, that I would have to respect that woman because I’m waking up in the morning, combing her hair for school, cooking her breakfast, dinner, doing homework, and all of those things. I’ve never had a problem with Erica or disliked her until she started saying things like me and Scrappy where messing around when they were engaged. So as soon as she started putting those little things out there, it just kind of made me dislike her a little bit but the way she feels about me, I have no idea where it came from and at this point, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to be in the same room anytime soon.”

Bambi also claims Erica likes to play innocent:

“Yeah, well me and Scrappy have been together over two years now and like a lot of people don’t really get to see, I don’t really mean to like trash [Erica] like that but she’s been with at least like four guys since me and Scrap have been together and like she plays this role as if she’s just so innocent when that’s definitely not the case. So, I just really hope everything works out in the best interest of Emani because right now she’s being really childish and it’s just kind of ridiculous and it’s all because she dislikes me so much because Scrap has been with other girls throughout the course of Emani’s life, he had another relationship that he was in for like five years so I’m sure they had issues then as well but right now it’s just to a whole other level and I guess that’s just because you know I’m pretty sure she’s jealous of the situation but why, I don’t know because she supposedly has moved on and has a new boyfriend so why you so mad still?”


Bambi also claims she and Lil Scrappy haven’t seen Emani in a month.


  1. Let me perch and see how y’all drag Bambi for doing the same thing y’all praised Russell Wilson for.

    1. How is that the same situation? Russell stepped in because Future is barely around but Erica has primary custody I think.

    2. This is two different issues. Bambi and Scrappy been together for 2 years and Erica ain’t never said anything bad about Bambi being around Emani. The only thing Erica has had an issue with in 2 YEARS was Bambi overstepping her boundaries for her child’s party. Future is upset over Russell embracing his son with a hug just a simple hug, pushing a stroller or just holding him.

      1. So dressing up your girlfriend’s (of 2 months) kid as you and holding him at training practice ain’t overstepping boundaries? The excuses. Lmao.

      1. No, Ciara has the worst stans. Y’all defend her on the blogs but won’t buy her albums. Lmao.

        1. So what a one year old wears and who holds him at a football camp compares to Bambi trying to take over a birthday party. If baby Future has a birthday party Russell needs to fall back Ciara and Future need to be front and center those are once in a lifetime moments. If Ciara had Russell front and center at a birthday party and Future has problem with that she would definitely be wrong. But she living her life with her son and her boyfriend but those special moments like birthdays and graduations should be respected by the mother and father.

  2. Why is Bambi trying to make this all about her. I don’t know the whole story but I think the issue really is child support. Bambi and Scrappy been together for 2 years and just recently Erica had an issue with Bambi overstepping her boundaries for her party so for 2 years Erica never had a problem with Bambi. And I know Bambi ain’t trying to imply Erica is a ho she needs to stop how quickly she forgets she was thottin and boppin that jacuzzi.

  3. I think the issue here is Erica wants Scrappy to step up and financially look out of this child. Bambi doesn’t have Erica’s permission to dress her daughter or make important decisions for her, and I think she needs to respect that.

  4. I like how her and Scrappy keep skating around the real issue. They talk about everything except child support. LOL.

  5. lmao yall stay bashing bambi but everything she said was true. its funny shes been with scrappy for 2 years and ciara has only been with russell for a few months but yall praising the hell out of ciara ( i am as well ). erica is messy af just like at the reunion when she was bashing scappy and babmbii saying how scrappy cheated on bambii cause he camr to her hotel and ate her out and all that other bs. before this scappy posted pictures with emani everydayyyyy on ig and what was erica doing posting pictures in the club everynightt so u mad that bambii cares and wants to be in emani life? qirl sit down jus like bambii said u then had 4 bfs since scrap so maybe it is u hun

    1. Speak English. And comparing Russell Wilson to Bambi is a huge stretch. One has a legitimate career, while the other is out here f-cking for reality TV paychecks. From Flavor of Love, then Benzino and Kirk, now Scrappy. Yeah, she’s a lot like Russell Wilson! Smdh.

  6. Erica is obviously hurt; like Bambi said she is doing all thing she is suppose to as his gf; so what if she wants to go over and beyond for her bday party; erica should be happy that scrappy has someone in his life the geniuely wants to help with his child! Some of yall have the “Baby Mama Syndrome” thats why have of these baby mamas that think this way is HOODRATS, LONELY, SINGLE, and they baby daddy dont want to do anything for them. Child support is only for the child NEEDS, not your household expenses, she only want child support because she hurt by Scrappy really moving on so the only way that she can hurt him is through the child. SO SAD ERICA

    1. So people have to be bitter baby mamas because they think a black man should pay child support? Well since you’re being an a-s and assuming sh-t about strangers, I’ll do the same and assume you’re a product of a dumb a-s woman who struggled her whole life to support you by herself because she was too prideful to make your ain’t sh-t father pay child support. So is that fair? No, oh that’s what I thought. Now back on topic, it’s sad as hell that too many folks in the black community shame women for going after child support, but white folks understand deadbeat dads ain’t the business. Erica isn’t asking for that man to support her lifestyle. She’s asking for him to pay something, which he hasn’t done in a good minute. He wouldn’t even pay the insurance for Emani and that’s just a couple hundred a month. Keep caping for those deadbeats though. You don’t know any better. I’m not even a mother but I totally get where Erica is coming from.

    2. And lastly Erica been going back and forth with Scrappy about child support for a good minute now. Have you been watching the show since season one? If you did, you would actually know she had him on child support when the show first started but actually took him off because he promised he would start being responsible without them and the payments were too high. She actually took him off! But then he decides he doesn’t want to pay anything but you’re really on here mad at Erica? Really?

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