Watch: Joseline Hernandez & Karlie Redd’s Friendship Takes a Violent Turn

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you months ago it was rumored Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd got into a scuffle and now VH1 has released a sneak peek of the drama which will air in full on the season finale.

Apparently things popped off after Karlie visited Joseline backstage after her performance.

VH1 writes:

After the show that supports the Trevor Project and the LGBT community however, Karlie starts to stir things up when she reveals to Joseline that Stevie has asked Mimi and Eva to move with him and Joseline to Los Angeles. Life Partner Gang still in effect, yo! This is the first that Joseline has heard of such news, and after riding high on her amazing performance, she gets pissed off at Karlie for bring this up here and now. “You know, Karlie, I really been your friend for a while but you starting to piss me off,” Joseline says. “You starting to get real fake.” And that’s when she busts out the bouquet of roses as a weapon. Watch out for thorns, Karlie.


  1. chile…. She baptized Karlie with the flowers. Only other person who knows what that’s like is MiMi! Lmao

  2. “put your hands down because I don’t want to have to hit you” Karlie hands go down Joseline straight punkd Karlie lol. Joseline really mad at Stevie J and she took it out on Karlie everybody know Karlie messy as hell so that was a copout. Joseline be punking these chicks on this show its ridiculous somebody has to take a 2×4 or a brick and knock her a-s out just once.

  3. Maybe this clip was chopped up, but from what I just saw Joseline was dead wrong for talking to Karli like that. “Put your hands down” Joseline stays bullying her friends it’s ridiculous. Everybody know’s Karli is messy and is the drama delivery person. Joseline knows this, but she’s mad at Stevie because he’s could be close to leaving her. Karli was thrown off guard by Joseline lash out and you could tell she wanted to cry. Karli’s right though all she has is “stebbie” but once he’s gone, she will be right where she started.

  4. I think you all should consider Joseline’s feelings. She had a great performance, instead of being supported by Karlie with positive feedback. Karlie just jumps right in with negative energy. That was not the time after a great performance and emotional gratitude from Joseline. And when Joseline said to Karlie that she is being fake, watch her facial expression. She wasn’t shocked or surprised, if anything she gulped like she knew she was getting called out. Karlie may be jealous and putting up a front in front of the camera. But by Joseline’s reaction I’m sure this was the last straw. We all have friends that can barely choke out a compliment in our shine. “Did I see the performance?!?” Nothing else followed from Karlie’s mouth. Remember Karlie did performances too and probably just wanted to steal Joseline’s happiness at that moment due to envy.

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