Amber Rose Talks Men & Cheating

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose had a bitter ending to her marriage with Wiz Khalifa although both are on better terms nowadays as they co-parent Sebastian, so it’s possible her views on men and relationships may have changed somewhat.

In a new interview with “The Doctors,” Amber says she truly believes all men cheat.

“I feel like every man cheats, that’s just me. I do, I’m sorry. But I do feel like if he loves you enough, you will never ever find out.”


Your thoughts?


  1. One thing that really annoys me about women is how often they feel the need to tell us what it’s like to be a man or what we do. Unless you have a d-ck, you really don’t know much about what we do or experience. This is like me saying all women are hoes, and if a woman loves a man, she will lie about her hoeness. It’s just dumb. Furthermore, I’ve never cheated on a woman in my entire life. I don’t want the problems that come from that.

  2. Just when I think I’m starting to Like AR again, she says some dumb stuff… She should have said “All the men, I chose to deal with, who have a history of cheating, will cheat.”

  3. She’s entitled to her wrong opinion. I always find it funny how women who make it a habit to date rappers all of a sudden feel like they have the authority to speak on what all men do.

  4. She needs to shut the f-ck up. She’s cool with me until she opens up her mouth and starts talking. Now I understand why Kanye never allowed her a-s to talk. One dumb a-s comment after the next.

  5. I always shake my head when women say this. To each its own, but I will never wake up with this mentality. It’s just kind of weak.

  6. And this is why every man she’s been with publicly has cheated on her. They know she’s dumb enough to expect it, so they feel like they can do it and treat her any kind of way. You attract what you expect. You think all men cheat, well baby you will attract cheaters for the rest of your life.

  7. What she meant to say is all the men she’s been with and are attracted to cheat. Maybe she should step outside of dating rappers and athletes.

  8. This is probably the dumbest thing to ever come out of her mouth. I’ll just chop it up to her being hurt by Wiz. She loved that man and she used to say in interviews she loved how loyal he was to her. I think she just never thought he’d cheat on her. And now that he has, she’s convinced all men do it. Hurt people say dumb things.

  9. I don’t agree with this and if you really want to find real love as a woman you can’t think like this. This kind of thinking could drive a good faithful man away.

  10. She knows what all men do now? Every single one out here? Really? How’d she get that kind of information? She’s been with every single one of them already? Damn she breaking thot records out here.

  11. So she thinks if a man loves you, he won’t get caught. Silly me for thinking that if a man loves you, he wouldn’t cheat in the first place.

  12. I never understood why so many of you support and root for this woman. She has very low self esteem and she’s not very smart. It must hurt her to know that as much as Kanye cheated on her, he’s never cheated on Kim.

    1. Don’t go there Im Sayin Amber might be wrong but I think she is misguided like a lot of women on this subject but hell I still would rather her over a fake,fame obsessed,narcissistic woman like Kim.

  13. No Amber, they just cheat on weak broads like you. If you don’t respect yourself, they won’t respect you either.

  14. I was wondering why she kept begging Wiz to take her back after she caught him sleeping with twins, but now I get it.

  15. I really feel bad for Amber. She’s been hurt way too many times by men to think any real good ones are out here. I hope she finds real love one day.

  16. This make her a huge hypocrite. Amber is out here writing books on being a strong woman and a feminist yet in this clip she’s saying that men can’t control their sexual urges and essentially they are whores. But she’s mad she’s been called a whore and that women get called sluts for loving their bodies. I guess her whole feminism angle is just a way to get money because no real feminist will tell women to be ok with a man cheating on them as long as they don’t find out. That’s what women with low self esteem do.

  17. Damn Amber are you really that naive? Of course all men don’t cheat. It’s just that finding a good man is hard and most of them ain’t famous. In fact, most good men have a hard time even getting play from the Amber Roses of the world.

  18. I used to believe this too and then I realized grouping people together is never fair and there are some good/faithful men out here. They just rarely get the attention because they don’t have “swag.” If Amber met a good man she would probably not even be interested because he wasn’t a rapper or athlete or celebrity.

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