Tea on Kenya Moore’s Rumored New Boo

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Kenya Moore is rumored to have a new man in her life, but his recent social media activities have some thinking it’s just for the cameras.

LA Late writes:

Kenya Moore recently tweeted she was on a “date” to an ATL baseball game but left out the guy’s face from the picture and his name. However, Eugene Casciaro did not do the same. Rather, Eugene posted 3 pictures of himself with Kenya Moore at that game. And when asked if it was a date, Eugene implied it was not. Moreover, Casciaro claims Kenya Moore got the seats not him.

Eugene wrote “Great game last night thanks Kenya for the best seats in the house”. In none of the pictures were the two holding hands. One follower asked Eugene to tell Kenya to twirl for him, like a performer. He replied “Never watch the show. And we’re close. What she has some kind signature move. I’m going to bust her b-lls now”. On / around the time that Eugene wrote that Moore got the MLB seats, NeNe tweeted that Moore is allegedly paying a person to play the role of her male suitor on RHOA 8.

Eugene filmed RHOA last Friday, LALATE can report. And what did Eugene say about his RHOA appearance? He believes that producers will be spinning his RHOA appearance. He wrote on Facebook “Not my style to be on the show but yes I’m in an episode that filmed already… You just never know how they’ll spin things.”

kenya new boo facebook

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We’re also hearing from some that the twosome are just getting to know each other and it’s nothing romantic for now. Only time will tell if this guy is the real deal for Kenya, but his alleged mugshot could become a talking point for some of the other ladies on RHOA who aren’t Team Twirl if they do become coupled up:

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 3.28.41 PM

Eugene is also being described as a very successful business man with deep pockets.


  1. He was never convicted and was cleared. His business makes millions a year. None of the women on the show can shade even if they wanted to when they are all married to bums!

    1. LOL. Y’all are so hypocritical. He was accused of putting his hands on a woman and she decided not to press charges. That doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. Had this been any of the husbands on RHOA, y’all would be calling him a loser and criminal. But it doesn’t matter since this is another fake relationship.

        1. Don’t tell me y’all are stanning for a man y’all just found out existed like two days ago. The desperation! LMFAO!

          1. No one said his race made him better! But his resume is much better than the husbands. It’s just the truth.

          1. I’m late but who cares about what he’s doing or what he has he still DOESN’t Want Kenya….he’s not interested in her romantically…and not thinking about her as in long term she might as well been a file cuz fr what he stated she is pretty much (one of the boys in his eyes) why can’t this woman get a man that is actually into her??? Something is wrong and u can say the men are all wrong but it’s her and who she attracts…..if she was something great a good man would’ve came and wife’d her or tried to wife her a long a$$ time ago. Just face it Twirl ur girl Kenya is suffering from some serious “Can’t get a man interested and keep em” issues ???

  2. It’s obvious by the comment he wrote they aren’t dating and he just got paid to be her date. And whether he got convicted or not, it’s real hypocritical for Kenya to shade Porsha about her mugshot when her fake boo has one himself. That’s how I know Kenya ain’t really above hooking up with Apollo.

  3. She refuses to stop lying about everything. I really do wonder if all this lying and pretending is worth the money she’s paid.

  4. Her pretending to have a man is pretty much expected at this point. I still can’t believe this is what she has turned into at times.

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