Bambi Has a Message for Baby Mamas

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bambi is not on good terms with Lil Scrappy’s baby mama and former fiancée Erica Dixon, and it’s clear that may not be changing anytime soon.

With Scrappy and Erica still beefing over child support payments, Bambi has made it known on social media and in interviews that she’s on Scrappy’s side of the conflict.

And she also has some words for baby mamas too (read tweets from top to bottom):

bambi twitter


  1. Girl shut the f-ck up. A baby mama is entitled to child support you idiot!!!! She’s just as much of a loser as Scrappy.

  2. I’m not understanding how she’s looking her nose down on baby mamas when she’s dependent on Lil Scrappy to get the checks coming in. What was she even doing before Scrappy picked her up at the trash can Shaunie put her in?

  3. I could have sworn she was about to be a baby mama. Scrappy told her he didn’t want to get married so what would that have made her. Now all of a sudden to play high and mighty. I guess tho

  4. Bambi talks (tweets) too much. Erica may say slick stuff but Erica is not her problem. If anything Erica is showing Bambi what she will have to deal with if she ends up pregnant by Scrappy again. She needs to pay attention.

  5. Bambi is out of line and needs to sit down somewhere notice how she can’t stop talking about Erica and the situation meanwhile Erica hasn’t said a word. Now who is using who for publicity. Claims she loves Emani but is making the situation worse.

  6. Scrappy need to her his girlfriend in check. what type of man sits and let another women disrespect the mother of his child….this situation doesn’t have nothing to do with her all she needs to do is be supportive of her man….I couldn’t be in Eric shoes cause bani would have got that ass kicked awhile ago cause she puts herself in their business to much

  7. yasss bambi. if u wanted him u should of stayed with him. scrapp is her man bambii is playing her part tired of bitter baby mamas smh

  8. She tells woman to aspire to be better but yet she got pregnant by Scrappy… Ugh I can’t. She is also the MOST entitled girlfriend I have ever seen. Stay in your lane little deer!

  9. I wish she would just stay in her lane. I get that she wants to stand by Scrappy, but he is wrong and its none of her business. She’s lucky Scrappy hasn’t been locked up for failure to pay child support because she would lose her meal ticket.

  10. I was trying to find out why when they were speaking of his child support issues on the reunion show, that he found a need to bring up about Erica’s NFL boyfriend, that don’t cancel out your checks, that’s your responsibility not whomever she dates. I think he might be a good dad, as he said but that don’t mean that you are a financially contributing dad. The Bam is a very immature young lady and don’t see that maybe on down the line she’ll be in the same boat, like she almost were before.

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