RHOA Shocker: Cynthia Bailey Assaults Porsha Williams?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Self-proclaimed classy RHOA star Cynthia Bailey has always taken pride in using her words only against her costars, but sources are claiming she actually got violent with Porsha Williams when they got in a heated argument recently.

TMZ writes:

We’re told Porsha Williams was on a boat in ATL with fellow castmate Cynthia Bailey when things got hot. The 2 women began arguing about nothing and Porsha started calling Cynthia a b*tch. Cynthia tried to disengage, walking to the other side of the boat, but in true form Porsha followed.

Porsha got in Cynthia’s face, and that’s when Cynthia exercised self-defense, kicking Porsha in the stomach. Producers came in before Porsha could react and restrained her.

As for injuries … Porsha went to the hospital, where she scored pain meds.


Interestingly enough, sources are claiming Cynthia was the one who got violent first…something she claimed she would never do.

Expect to see this rumored fight on an episode next season if it happened.


  1. You don’t say!!!! So will Team Delusional now protest for Cynthia to be fired for being violent? Will there also be a petition to get her kicked off? So many questions.

    1. They won’t be protesting anything because the truth is they aren’t against violence. They were just mad Kenya got dragged on the floor after all that trash she talked.

      1. False. But since y’all were cool with Porsha being violent we’re cool with her getting her a-s handed to her. She thought Cynthia couldn’t defend herself but she learned that day. Never underestimate the pretty chicks.

          1. Stop lying! That sceptre was in her face…what show were you watching? Y’all Team Twirl have such selective memeory!

          2. Yes she did are you nuts! So blasting a bullhorn and pointing scepter in someone’s face isn’t violating their personal space. You are contradicting yourself you can’t say Cynthia was justified in kicking Porsha because she was in her personal space but so was Kenya in Porsha’s personal space. I tried to talk to you rational but you’re hopeless.

          3. Girl you are a trip. You know you can’t defend this but you’re trying anyway. That’s loyalty I guess. Lol.

          4. Y’all need to rewatch the reunion. Kenya never got in Porsha’s personal space. She wasn’t even sitting next to her. And it was Porsha who got up in Kenya’s face first.

          5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmyTY5d_rLg

            No, you need to rewatch it because Kenya was the one who had the bullhorn in Porsha’s face. Sure Porsha stood up first, but Kenya got up too and was in her face as well. They basically squared off, but Kenya wasn’t really bout that life and well you know how it ended for her. LOL.

        1. That’s exactly what it is. The only thing Porsha is good for is being violent and now she’s seeing that she’s not as scary as her little fans thought she was. That’s why I was telling them Kenya held back that day. If Kenya wanted to fight, she could have demolished Porsha.

          1. LOL!!!! Girl you are hilarious. Kenya can not fight. If she could, she would not have been dragged on the floor like a rag doll at the reunion. Maybe Cynthia can give her some self defense tips since she’s just as ratchet as Porsha apparently.

        1. Girl please go there….please! Cause we all know when that spackle comes off Kenya’s face is like a pock-marked minefield. *rolls eyes*

  2. Nothing surprises me anymore but now I hope people can see that Cynthia is really desperate to hold on to her peach. She will do whatever it takes to stay on this show. It’s sad to see someone sell out like this.

  3. Don’t act like y’all are anti violence now because y’all were defending Porsha when she attacked Kenya. I also want to point out that Porsha is the common denominator once again.

    1. It would be a different story if she never said what she said about the altercation with Kenya.Cynthia is a hypocrite she berated Porsha when she put hands on Kenya. She specifically said a verbal argument is never worth getting physical. How can she say that when she turned around and did the same thing. Hell you lay hands on Porsha over an argument but barely confronted Nene when she got in your husband face and called him a b-tch Cynthia is a fake weak a-s woman bottom line.

        1. But Kenya was all up in Porsha’s face and wouldn’t back up. That was self-defense!

          See how ridiculous and hypocritical you sound?

    1. Porsha. She will blame everything on Porsha when Porsha didn’t even touch Cynthia. And I can’t wait until Kenya tries to go there because she’s going to get dragged so bad.

  4. Now watch ain’t sh-t going to happen to Cynthia she won’t get demoted like Porsha. This only confirmed what I’ve been saying about Cynthia she ain’t nothing but a hypocrite she berated Porsha for laying hands on Kenya. Cynthia stated that no amount of verbal disagreement should lead to you getting physical smh.

  5. I knew Cynthia wasn’t sh-t a long time ago. She’s always talking sideways about how ratchet Porsha is but Cynthia is trash her damn self. That’s why she married Peter’s trash a-s. Now she can cut out this holier than thou act because she’s a bird like the rest of em. And she should be kicking her man in the stomach since he’s out here spending up all her money and flirting with old thots in the club.

  6. I think Cynthia is taking her marriage problems out on other people because she’s too much of a coward to set Peter straight. I bet this argument was over something petty too.

  7. Team Twirl is already trying to spin it. Y’all can’t say Porsha was wrong to get violent and not use her words when Cynthia just did the same thing. Porsha did not lay hands on her so just stop. This was not self defense. This was Cynthia being the real ratchet she really is. She’s no better than Porsha.

  8. There’s really no way to defend this. And this wasn’t self defense. Hitting someone during an argument because you don’t like what they are saying is not self defense.

  9. I know Cynthia better get dragged and called ghetto and trashy like Porsha did for defending herself when Kenya put that bullhorn in her face!!

    1. Nope! Carlos King is back and he’s forever sniffing Cynthia and Kenya’s stinky drawers. Those two heffas ain’t going nowhere!

  10. Boy they are working overtime to get viewer for next season. I just want it to be fair and Cynthia get demoted just like Porsha was since the show is all about non-violence and chit. Cynthia hasn’t had a storyline outside of Nene since the show began anyway. And all that chit she talked about Porsha dragging Kenya is now null and void.

  11. Cynthia’s sister is bout that life so people didn’t think Cynthia ain’t have hands too? I never bought the classy act Cynthia was trying to sell. Never.

    1. I can actually understand that coming from a Kenya stan but you didn’t say that at first you made a million and one excuses for why Cynthia was justified in kicking Porsha but when Porsha did the same thing to Kenya she was wrong that’s contradicting. If Kenya stans would just say we don’t like Porsha she got what she deserved because of what she did to Kenya that’s a little bit more understandable. But y’all are delusional and are still in denial even about Kenya’s dragging like she did nothing wrong smh.

  12. Off topic but I swear I love y’all man. Between Ms. Jackson cursing everybody out and not giving a damn, Twirl’s dedication to stanning for Kenya and Cynthia no matter what(Yeah I Said It and julyol1972 get her together though) , King Bey’s dedication to all things Beyonce, and that YouTube video and the funny gifs I see on here, y’all make my work day bearable. Thank you.

  13. Y’all I’m just shocked. I didn’t think Cynthia would ever snap like this. Porsha must have said something about Peter.

  14. When you think about this season eight will just vindicate Nene. It will be so messy and all these girls are just going to show they are messy and ratchet all on their own. But they said Nene was the problem. She’s gone and they still can’t get along. LOL.

    1. The only people who believe Nene ruined the show are Kenya stans and that’s ironic since the show actually started to go downhill when she came on.

      1. What? No, Porsha ruined the show and it just happens she came on when Kenya did. Porsha has turned RHOA into Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She’s responsible for both fights. Y’all need to stop trying to pin everything on Kenya.

        1. But wait tho…didn’t Team Twirl defend Claudia for walking up on Nene and talking trash? Did Nene turn around and kick Claudia in the stomach for following her? Oh. Funny how now y’all are saying Porsha is the real problem. Y’all change the narrative up everyday to fit your delusional agenda.

        2. Twirl but y’all were going so hard about hating violence when Porsha dragged Kenya at the reunion but now it’s ok because Porsha was the one assaulted? Do you not see how hypocritical y’all sound?

  15. Cynthia is actually the biggest sh-t stirrer on the show. Someone should have kicked her in the stomach a long time ago.

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