Was Brandi Maxiell Fired from BBWLA? Brandi Speaks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Brandi Maxiell is currently at odds with her “Basketball Wives LA” costar Draya, and they have been going back and forth on social media ever since Draya said Brandi’s cancer story is just too boring for the show.

While many agreed Draya was very insensitive for the remarks, Brandi may also be paying for her words too.

After calling Shaunie O’Neal a b*tch during filming, Shaunie told Brandi her services were no longer needed.

But was Brandi really fired?

Not so fast (read tweets from top to bottom):

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    1. I think she’ll be more likable once she stops making everything out to be about her cancer. It’s repetitive now. I’m glad she survived but sheesh. You’re on a show centered around petty cat fights. Did you forget?

    1. Shaunie is the creator of the basketball wives franchise, as well as the executive producer. So I’m quite sure she can fire Brandi’s disrespectful a-s. Who calls their boss a b-tch?

  1. She knows Shaunie ain’t sh-t but the face and just another puppet. She ain’t no Mona Scott Young. She can’t fire people.

  2. I think it’s time for brandi to get off basketball wives. Once she disrespected Shaunie O’Neal IT WAS A WRAP FOR ME!!!

  3. Shaunie think she is better than them when Evelyn and Jennifer got into it and Evelyn was all running and jumping over tables to fight Jennifer and Tami ghetto a-s always tryna fight so why is she so judgemental if the LA cast

    1. You hit the damn nail on the head. Hell, Tammi went off on Shaunie on the BBQ Miami. She Left Evelyn and Tammi “Destroy” that show. Well, now that Draya is gone and Brandi. I am done. Shaunie forgets everyone is not dead to know she stashed 35 million of Shaq money prior to the divorce. A thief.

    1. I can’t stand Brandi, either. She thinks that EVERYONE is thinking about here EVERY MINUTE. Also, you see that Malaysha kept her mouth shut. She doesn’t want this Brandi girl to ruin her money, too.

  4. Shaunie is a b*tch. She purposely came on Bbwla with Tammy, of all people, to start drama and get an extra paycheck since ratings are down in Mia. She truly looked down on the la girls talking about how childish they are confessional after confessional. She twisted scenarios. Malaysia was never two faced but always upfront. EVERYONE should hope they have a friend like Brandy who’s ride or die and doesnt take shit even if its on a diamond lined platinum platter. As ratchet as bbwmia was, especially Tammy, who are they to talk about anyone especially some as peaceful as Malaysia

    1. Paycheck?? LMAO!!! That girl don’t need a paycheck?? She got PLENTY in the divorce! Ppl say any damn thing Lol She’s probably just bored..

  5. Truth be told Tami was on the show because Brandi needs to realize she gunning for anyone coming for Malaysia and Tami was not going to let anyone get jumped by Brandi and Malaysia. I’m sick of her using her cancer as an excuse to be rude, because I am a survivor too but that does not mean you can pop off on anyone!! I’m glad Tami is back!!! Brandi must go!!!!!

    1. Agreed 100% Yes, Brandi had cancer and thank God she is okay, but she is so unhappy and pissed off ALL….THE….TIME!!!….and about NOTHING! She is rude and doesn’t have any class at all and that Meghan girl is just plain ignorant. I’d be too embarrassed if I was any relation to her….lol.

  6. Brandi went too far. She called shaunie a bitch 3 times and then told her she’s just Shaqs wife… meanwhile, She’s on a show called basketball wives simply because she is married to a basketball player. This irony is super chewy. *picks teeth*

  7. I have been watching BBWLA for awhile and personally I felt it was immature and childish until Shaunie and Tamie made it exciting, but who I am fooling afterall its reality TV and if it were boring and drama free nobody would watch it. I do feel that Brandi was truly disrespectful to Shaunie and we all have jobs so try going to work and call your boss a bitch and see what happens. Shaunie is one of the executive producers therefore she can hire and fire. so if Brandi comes back its because Shaunie allowed her to come back

    1. I agree. They were so boring until Shaunie and Tami came along. I used to think Tami was over the top, and she is, but since she got herself some anger management help, she’s still pissed, but likeable pissed….lol. I’m also happy that she doesn’t let folks gang up on someone else for no reason. I was SO GLAD when Shaunie told Brandi that “your services are no longer needed.” Did you see the look on her face….she knew she’d done it but was too stupid to shut her mouth a few sentences earlier. GLAD BRANDI IS GOOONNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If u want to b considered or looked at as the producer dont get things twisted and confused and really Shaunie u should not actually be on the show. Shaunie could not save her own show oh thats right she was too busy participating in all the messy nonsense and laughing. There is no respect for her as a producer she needs to take a page from Lee Daniels, Shonda Rhimes, Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, Courtney Kemp Agboh just to name a few. There is no need for her to appear on any show she brought nothing positive to the table. STAY OFF TV SCREEN STAY N THE BACKGROUND.

  9. As far as Shaunie is concerned, any woman who stashed away 35 million dollars before or during being married to a major basketball player whose dick is always at attention…..is one smart woman.I think we’ve gotten so damn numb to think because a woman speaks sensibly without B-tch, B-tch, B-tch flowing out of her mouth she’s considered “being better” than anyone…how stupid. Brandi’s silly a-s IS sensitive. Lawdy lawd!

    1. Whatever I like Shaunie and it is unfortunate about Brandi and her cancer but it is fortunate that she is a survivor. I have watched bbw of Miami and LA and I also met Shaunie in person and she really is a nice person. How she got her money, her position; it’s all good she is not hurting for dough. Like Tammi said with her Crazy self but true; Little Brandi better hope her husband keeps giving her checks because you never know! She disrespected Shaunie not once but 3 times calling her a B! I hope her and Malaysia are gone!! Petty Chic’s!!

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