Patti LaBelle Curses out Fan + Shades Nicki Minaj in the Process?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Living legend Patti LaBelle is making it clear she doesn’t play around when it comes to her shows. Those who cut up will get cursed out and kicked out.

TMZ writes:

LaBelle was in Vancouver Friday night and invited a couple of fans up on stage with her to sing and dance. However, one fan took things too far for Patti and started unbuttoning his shirt, a big no-no.

Patti chewed the fan out and once he turned his backside to her, she lost it — throwing him out of the show.

The 72-year-old even mentions Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus in the tirade — LaBelle has criticized the pair’s clothing (or lack there of) in the past.


  1. Patti reminded me of my grams who just turned 75, but my grams fav word to say when she is beyond pissed is “shyt” a lot of the older generation isn’t for the foolishness. My grams doesn’t like people playing jokes on her or gettin smart. Don’t try to scare her she is a Brooklynite via NC she will knock u str8 out of she has to and she is still working at her job for 40+ yrs….a tough cookie

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