Wendy Williams Explains Why She Wants Terrence Howard Fired from ‘Empire’

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Talk show host Wendy Williams is not one to hold back when it comes to giving opinions, and she really doesn’t care who it offends.

This time she is coming for Terrence Howard and she’s hoping he will be out of a job soon.

Howard plays Lucious Lyon on FOX’s smash hit “Empire,” but Wendy doesn’t think he deserves the role.

Click next to find out why Wendy wants FOX to get rid of Terrence Howard.

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  1. This woman is bitter. She can’t possibly be happy in her personal life if she has this much hate in her heart.

    1. Cosign. But I think most people can tell she’s not happy outside of work. It’s hard to feel sorry for her though because she’s such a nasty person.

  2. Is she serious? Wendy started off as a drug addict who exchanged sex for drugs when her money was low. And now that she has her own talk show, she spends most of her time using that platform to verbally abuse black women. She’s no better than Terrence in my book. So if she gets to keep her job, he should be allowed to keep his.

    1. This. Like who is she trying to fool? We know the real Wendy. And she was even worse when she had a radio show.

  3. F-ck this crackhead b-tch. Terrence ain’t sh-t but at least he doesn’t try to pretend he is. Wendy actually thinks she’s above people when she’s done so much f-cked up sh-t to people I’ve lost count. Just because she has white fans now, she thinks that means her past her been erased. No b-tch. You still ain’t sh-t either.

    1. Girl say that chit. Wendy a$$ be trying to forget where she came from. But I bet all them drug dealers and tricks she used to have remember it well. She better worry bout he husband “allegedly” whoopin her a$$ instead of what Terrence is doing. This is why I don’t watch her show. Hatin a$$..

  4. Wendy has been really fortunate that no A list person has spilled her tea yet. The day that happens, she won’t be able to fool her new white fans anymore. All this holier than thou crap is laughable considering her past.

  5. If good morals are required to keep a job, Wendy should be out of work herself. She’s done some terrible things to people and now she gets paid to drag people she doesn’t even know on her talk show. She can’t really think she’s some symbol of good morals.

  6. If Terrence was white, she wouldn’t have said this. Wendy is poisonous to the black community. She really hates black people.

  7. This is a prime example of a hypocrite now Wendy got a bunch of second chances that got her where she is today. But Terrence doesn’t deserve second chances like her I don’t even really like Terrence but fair is fair. I hate when people choose who to vilify and not to vilify. Wendy is proving exactly what Lee Daniels said because by her thinking half of Hollywood would be unemployed but she not speaking against it as a whole she just choosing to pick out one person.

  8. She’s entitled to her opinion but she needs to remember at some point karma will have to kick in on her own life. She’s made a career out of talking bad about people and trying to tear people down. She’s doing well now but all debts will be paid eventually no matter who you are.

  9. WOW….so he needs to lose his job because he’s crazy and abusive??…….so are others in Hollywood…White actors too. Why isn’t she calling them out??…and from what I read her own husband is abusive but she is still with him. She really needs to think before she says stuff….she’s trying to be real…and she’s being real messy…she doesn’t need to be commenting about who should be losing jobs.

  10. I’m sure Method Man wanted Wendy fired after she told the whole world his wife had cancer after he requested no one knew. I’m sure Whitney wanted Wendy fired when she tried to berate and publicly humiliate Whitney for having a drug addiction (as if she too hasn’t struggled with drugs) and we all wanted her fired after she made Whitney’s death all about her after she tried to embarrass Whitney about her drug addiction while she was alive. Yet, Wendy is still employed and still doing evil to people because she thinks controversy keeps her in business. So Wendy should really be quiet on this topic. Many of us have wanted her out of work for many years.

  11. Wendy is always speaking on someone else’s personal life but rarely talks about her messy life. Anyway, despite how messy Terrence is, does he not have a right to earn a living? He’s not the only abusive man out here employed. Especially in Hollywood. And even regular people who aren’t famous have messy lives and don’t make the best decisions most of the time. Do they too not deserve to make a living? This is dumb.

  12. I stated on another post this week “eventually someone will spill the tea on his a-s.” She was shading Beyonce this week as well but said nothing about J.Lo’s ex-husband trying to sell their sex tape. I’d rather listen to Harvey anyday.

  13. He has a “past” just like she has a “PAST.” All she talk about is her coke head days when there is SO much more dirt on Wendy. Just ask: Puffy, Lil Kim, Angie Martinez, and Eric Sermon just to name a few.

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