Raven-Symone’s Father Responds to Backlash

raven symone dad responds to backlash
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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Raven-Symone keeps finding herself making headlines because of the controversial rhetoric she speaks on “The View.”

Raven continuously finds a way to offend the black community, despite being black herself.

This time Raven is under fire because she claimed she doesn’t think it’s wrong for people to not hire people based on their names and she herself wouldn’t hire someone she felt has a “ghetto” name.

Of course she’s been getting backlash since but some folks are going after her father too since he used to manage her.

Click next to find out what he said to say in response.

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  1. Yeah she’s grown but at the same time you have to wonder if her parents ever taught her about self love. Just saying.

    1. They probably did but that doesn’t mean people don’t grow up to hate themselves anyway. Especially in Hollywood.

  2. He seems like a decent enough person, and he’s absolutely right….he’s not responsible for her dumb a-s.

  3. I see what he’s saying. I do. Raven should be ashamed. She’s putting her family in such a tough position because she is too ignorant for her own good.

  4. I don’t think you can blame parents for what their grown children choose to do. Raven may have had a good upbringing but at some point she clearly began to hate her blackness.

  5. I feel him…..and I agree with everything he said. He might’ve raised a princess wit a good head on her shoulders but as an adult now she is an arrogant and ignorant bish and he has no control ova that cuz he raised her and his job is done that is all….u can dictate the lives of functional grown adult children

  6. Sorry I think this was inappropriate and shady to her. He should have stayed quiet. Is money that important to him?

  7. I’m so tired go hateful gay people. They say whatever they want and if you respond, they run under the hoop hobby umbrella. Phoney!

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